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A Closer Look at Workers' Comp: Westfield's Risk Control Services, Prescription Program, and Medical Bill Review

A Closer Look at Workers Comp

We understand that accidents happen, even at the most safety conscious businesses. That’s why Westfield goes beyond the policy to offer an entire suite of robust programs that help minimize potential claims and maximize savings. Best of all, these programs are available at no additional cost to workers’ compensation policyholders. Let’s take a closer look at three of our value-added programs and services.

1. Risk Control Services

Because our team of risk control consultants knows that every business is different, we work with customers to develop solutions that more closely align with their objectives and their unique risk profiles. We do this by taking an in-depth look at their equipment, policies and practices, environment, and employees to help identify the underlying causes of accidents and other losses. 

From preventing slips, trips, and falls to protecting workplaces from fires and electrical failures, Westfield Risk Control Services help customers improve safety and possibly stop accidents before they happen. Available at no additional cost, our risk control program provides customers the following services:

  • Access to a local risk control consultant
  • Risk insights based on our experience with the industry.
  • Targeted solutions to help reduce their exposure to risk.
  • An overview of their business losses and accidents to spot trends.
  • Westfield’s Online Resource Center featuring more than 2,000 documents.


2. Pharmacy Benefit Program

Westfield teamed up with Healthesystems to create a program that offers affordable access to the medications injured workers need while keeping claims costs down. Highlights of our Pharmacy Benefit Program include: 

  • First Fill Program – Provides injured workers with temporary prescription cards and an initial supply of prescribed medication at no out-of-pocket cost.
  • Mail Order Pharmacy – Delivers prescriptions directly to an injured worker’s home, offering convenience, especially for those unable to drive due to their injuries.
  • Clinical Program and Formulary – Helps ensure that injured workers receive the right medications and doses and actively reduces the use of dangerous opioids when effective alternatives are available.

Westfield has a network of more than 60,000 retail pharmacies across the country who participate in our program. Your customer can use our location-based online directory to find one near them. 


3. Medical Bill Review

Our advanced approach to medical bill reviews and bill negotiations can help control claims costs and save valuable time for the injured worker. Here are some key components of the program: 

  • Specialty bill review 
  • Utilization review 
  • Out-of-network bill review
  • Professional nurse review
  • Certified coder reviews
  • Clinical audits by nurse auditors
  • Professional negotiators assigned to larger bills
  • Line-item coding review and re-bundling or charges
  • Duplicate bill detection
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO) network discounts 



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