the westfield story

Life is an amazing journey with surprises along the way. We say, "Embrace those unexpected moments and see where they take you!"  One thing's for certain, we'll be there every step of your journey.

The Westfield Story


The entire process was impressive; I had to do very little other than take my truck to be repaired.

My claims rep handled everything for me from finding the closest repair shop where they had a rental ready for me at the drop off.

It couldn't have been an easier, pain free process. Thank you, Westfield.

Larry E., Commercial Lines Customer

Entire process from agent to claims rep was excellent. Service matters!

Nancy V., Personal Lines Customer

In today's world, it is nice to find a company which is easy to do business with. 

Jeff S., Power & Communication Services, Inc.

I have used this company for many years. I have never been happier with any other insurance as I have with this one. They keep there monthly rates as low as they can and yet still deliver all your needs. - Source: 

Personal Lines Customer

The claim process was fast, simple and painless.

Mike G., MPG Caulking & Restoration, Inc.


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