why westfield

Your story is our story.

Our history is deeply rooted in the American Dream. We have been and will always be champions of the pioneers and risk-takers. We stand by those who believe the future is just beyond the horizon.

About Us


"Our business is a relationship business. It’s based on trust. We like to do business with people that will take the time to sit down and communicate. The experience with Westfield was beyond my expectations. It was the most incredible response I have ever experienced. "

Jim Akers, Bluegrass Stockyard CEO

"It makes you proud that you represent a carrier that's willing to reach out and help people
outside of the insurance product."

Pat Kee, Westfield Agent, Mountain State Insurance

"Without Westfield, we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing here in our state with
helping families recover."

Jenny Gannaway, Executive Director of West Virginia VOAD

"When Hurricane Andrew came through years ago, a lot of insurance companies bailed on the industry. I think that’s why Westfield, they stuck with us through thick and thin. That was a great quality. I didn’t feel like a number, I felt like an individual and Westfield more than met my expectations with responding to the damage from Hurricane Irma. "

Bill Klinger, Brantley Nurseries

"We had a lot of damage to the roof during the last tornadoes and the last thing I would have ever thought was that the entire metal roof would have blown off this time. They took very good care of me then and this is the second time around."

Gary Heffner, Heffner Enterprises, INC.


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