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Your story is our story.

Our history is deeply rooted in the American Dream. We have been and will always be champions of the pioneers and risk-takers. We stand by those who believe the future is just beyond the horizon.

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I was being charged to much for Insurance and switched to Westfield saving at least $200 A month. My only regret is I did not switch sooner. They have always been a phone call away to assist me. I have no regrets. Source: Clearsurance.com

Personal Lines Customer

"Westfield has been a onestop shop for my family. As business owners, homeowners, landlords, car owners, they've been there to cover all of our needs at a very competitive price. Its also important to note that our home is a historic brick home and was difficult to insure in the first place. Once again, Westfield was there to make things work."  - Source: Clearsurance.com 

Multi-Policy Customer

"The people who handled this claim are very professional and very thorough to get thru this process. My Company greatly appreciates working with Westfield and will continue to do so for many years in the future."

Gregory M, Grand Mesa Mechanical, Inc. 

We have had an amazing experience with this auto insurance company. My husband was in an auto accident recently due to no fault of his. However, Westfield, our insurance company, has taken care of getting our medical bills paid for due to this accident. Premiums are also very reasonable! Source: Clearsurance.com

Personal Lines Customer

"Our business is a relationship business. It’s based on trust. We like to do business with people that will take the time to sit down and communicate. The experience with Westfield was beyond my expectations. It was the most incredible response I have ever experienced. "

Jim Akers, Bluegrass Stockyard CEO


rustic picnic table setup for a meal.
agritourism insurance: protect your farm while growing revenue

Small family farms across the country are undergoing a revival, due in large part to a surging interest in fresh and local foods.

Female and two males posing around a table with a screen behinf them that reads Closing the Gap
closing the gap: first notice of loss

Carrier and agency must work together to provide timely and valuable advice and care for the customer.