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It takes all of us at the table to solve the hunger puzzle. Communities across the country have come together to create solutions to help their neighbors put food on the table. At Westfield, we’re so inspired by these stories that we want to help provide more meals and supplies to those in need. All you have to do is vote for your favorite story and they could receive a $5,000 donation.

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These Instagram storytellers with a diverse range of followers, points of view and interests are sharing their insurance truths. See what these inspiring voices are saying about Westfield.

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A child lives here. He plays here. And sometimes that means things break. Accidents happen! #ad 🙈 It’s fine because Westfield provides quality home insurance to cover things like... broken windows (and so many other things that might be costly for homeowners to fix). Follow @westfield1848 to learn more, their independent agents will help you protect what's most important to you! #SimplifyInsurance

- Allison Eaton, @homesweetnola

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#SimplifyInsurance #ad #mycarmystyle My CAR, My STYLE! Looking for an affordable insurance coverage? Look no further, with Westfield you can purchase both home and auto in one at an affordable rate from the comfort of your home. You also have tons of options when it comes to personalizing your coverage. Log on now and find a local agent who will be happy to assist you with your auto, boat, RV or home coverage. Don't forget to follow @westfield1848 for more info....

- @ fancynchic


Phishing - fish hook with a credit card on white computer keyboard
Phishing - Don't Get Caught in an Online Scam

You just received an email about an item you purchased online. It can't be shipped to you because your credit card expired. But don't worry, it's a quick fix: Simply click on the emailed link and update your credit card information. So easy, right?

Not quite.

Woman wearing homemade mask picks up food at restaurant during Covid-19 lockdown
Four Steps to Business Continuity After Coronavirus

Most businesses try to expect the unexpected such as a fire or theft—that's what insurance is for, after all—but what happens when the entire global business community goes off the rails?