The Westfield Story

Life is an amazing journey with surprises along the way. We say, "Embrace those unexpected moments and see where they take you!"  One thing's for certain, we'll be there every step of your journey.

The Westfield Story


My experience with Westfield is the reason I have been been with them for years.  Thank you!

Edward O., Neptune Marine Surveys & Services, Inc.

I have used this company for many years. I have never been happier with any other insurance as I have with this one. They keep their monthly rates as low as they can and yet still deliver all your needs. - Source: 

Personal Lines Customer

[My claims representative] was very helpful and followed through on everything. She explained our options and was genuine in her concern for our situation. We carry many insurance policies through Westfield for our company and this is the first time I was personally involved in a claim. I was very satisfied.

Mike R., Roberson Corrosion Services, LLC.

Great company to work with. Great discounts with multiple coverages with Westfield Insurance Company. - Source: 

Personal Lines Customer

This claim was the worst thing that could happen to a carwash. A car damaged my equipment and the result was the equipment damaging the next several cars.  At one point, I honestly thought it was the end of the line for my business. Westfield's understanding, research, expertise, and professionalism saved my business. Every step of the way was handled with me and my business in mind. Communication throughout the whole process was flawless. The result was the damaged customer vehicles being fixed in a very timely and professional manner. In addition, my equipment that was not able to be repaired was all replaced.I am so grateful for all of the work that Westfield's claim representatives put into my claim and the help and guidance that they provided throughout the process.

Kenny J., BJs Brushless Car Wash


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