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the westfield story

Life is an amazing journey with surprises along the way. We say, "Embrace those unexpected moments and see where they take you!"  One thing's for certain, we'll be there every step of your journey.

The Westfield Story


This is my first claim since the mid 70's and I am very satisfied with the overall experience. Glynn Smith was always very responsive and helpful. I will recommend Westfield to family and friends.

Michael D., Commercial Realestate

They have amazing customer service and their prices are very good. I have never had an issue with them. When it was time for the motorcycle to be put away in storage they offered winter plan. Source:

Personal Lines Customer

Just really great service. Never seen any other insurance company as good as Westfield.

Viral P., VRL Hotels

Great company to deal with. I would still be with them but I moved. I would highly recommend them to anyone still living in the area. I never had a problem with them. If you have a claim, they act very quickly. Source:

Personal Lines Customer

My experience with Westfield Insurance following a substantial fire loss last November exceeded all initial expectations. Claims personnel were on the scene literally within hours. And the adjusters I dealt with were professional yet understanding and easy to work with.

Tim S., Commercial Lines Customer


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