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Westfield Specialty can handle risks that aren’t all that common-- the hard-to-place property and casualty risks. If you’re not familiar with specialty, a general industry reference describes specialty insurance as policies providing unusual coverage features or types of risk not underwritten by most insurers, especially retail standard lines carriers like Westfield. While we can’t cover every risk, we still think it’s worth a conversation to see what we can do for you.


Why Choose Westfield

Unique risks demand unique solutions and the talented team at Westfield Specialty relish a challenge. We develop creative solutions to protect businesses and recover losses as well as drive growth for everyone in the value chain. Coverage for specialized risks requires creativity, and our team of experts have the knowledge and know-how that only comes from deep expertise. It’s that robust combination of stability and boldness that makes Westfield stand above the rest. That’s Westfield Specialty.

"We are excited about the opportunity to establish a broad and diverse portfolio of specialty business through deep relationships and expertise. We're building something that will stand the test of time.

-Jack Kuhn, President, Westfield Specialty


Specialty insurance requires unique expertise specific to the kind of risk and product demand often driven by specific/or unusual needs of a given business or industry. Westfield Specialty is anything but common. Our elite team offers some of the industry’s deepest underwriting experience and can tackle the most complex challenges with innovative insurance solutions. Product offerings are vast and Westfield can help in the following areas:


Line of Business


E & S Property Andy Hendrix
E&S Excess Casualty Joe Rainone & Steven Parker
Financial Institutions & Westfield Pro which includes Cyber and Professional Liability Fred CooperDan Wadley & Jeff Kulikowski
Commercial Management Liability Ray Ash



Insurance Industry Veteran to Lead Westfield Specialty

Meet the President of Westfield Specialty

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