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A Call to Different

An insurance carrier’s job is to honor promises and protection in case the inevitable or unexpected happens. But Westfield offers more than just an insurance policy. We offer opportunity designed to make a difference for both you and your customers.

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A Call to Opportunity

When opportunity knocks, it’s just good business to explore options and the potential for new relationships, financial benefits, targeted business opportunities and powerful tools and resources to help your business grow. Westfield is dedicated to the independent agency channel and provides a robust offering of tools and resources to help your agency grow and thrive.

A Call to Action

Why Westfield? Here are the top 3 reasons you should reach out and learn more:

  1. Size. We offer all the benefits of a large carrier with the nimble, efficiency of a super-regional.
  2. People. Together, we bring ideas, innovation and inspiration to our agents and customers. And we continue to enhance our skills so we can help agents do all kinds of things better – like finding new business. Our underwriters are skilled and savvy about coverage and how to anticipate what’s around the corner.
  3. Care. This is the big one because we offer tools, solutions and data to provide insight that helps agents and customers achieve their dreams. We’re all in. And that means we’ll do what it takes to show how much we care.
That’s “Why Westfield.”

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