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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Video Series

"The Power of Inclusion"



"Value in Diverse Workforce"

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Diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams in nearly every critical area of business, including customer loyalty and problem-solving. However, there are additional areas that benefit from diversity, which may come as a surprise.


Series presented by Kelly McDonald, one of the nation's top experts
in diversity and 4-time best selling author.

Westfield Agency DEI Playbook


Diversity in the workforce is a hot topic.

Like Westfield, your agency is likely working to ensure your workforce is diverse, inclusive, and representative of the customers you serve.
When it comes to talking about diversity at work, the goal is to move from “uncomfortable and unsure” to “confident and empowered”,
using proven tools that get real results. And that’s language everyone values.

And there are numerous ways we can be diverse – or “people not like you.”

Diversity takes many forms. A new mom is in a very different place than one who is an empty nester. Night owls may be able to focus in the
evening versus an early riser. The difference between introverts and extroverts. Someone who is foreign-born is different than someone
who is U.S. born.

Join our multi-part series featuring insight and actionable tactics with one of the nation’s
leading experts on diversity, equity and inclusion, Kelly McDonald.


Speaker Bio

Kelly McDonald is considered one of the nation’s top experts in diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), leadership, marketing, and sales to people “not like you”, consumer trends, and leveraging the customer experience. Kelly is a 4-time bestselling author and renowned professional speaker. She has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, on CNNMoney.com and on SiriusXM Radio.

Her client experience includes iconic brands such as Toyota, State Farm, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller-Coors and Sherwin-Williams, Great Clips and NASA.

Learn more about Speaker Kelly Mcdonald

All-in-One Playbook Designed to Help you Take Action!

Whether working with or marketing to - we ALL interact with people “not like us” on a daily basis. To help in your journey, utilize the
playbook for additional resources and
actionable, no-cost tactics that you and your team can implement immediately.

Westfield Agency DEI Playbook


Recent Episodes

WATCH: Episode 1 - What is Diversity?
Episode #1

"What is Diversity?"

Delve into the true meaning of diversity with Kelly in a conversational and accessible way. Discover the keys to effectively collaborating with individuals who are different from you.

Watch Episode 4 - Use Consumer Insights and Tap Into Values
Episode #4

"Use Consumer Insights and Tap Into Values"

No two individuals are alike. We all have our unique traits, backgrounds, and perspectives. When we grasp the values that define each person, remarkable things happen. Relationships grow stronger, connections become more personal, and understanding takes root.

WATCH: Episode 3 - Eliminate the Pain Points
Episode #2

"Use Diverse Imagery in your Marketing"

In this episode, Kelly emphasizes the impact of diverse imagery in marketing. As an industry that serves a diverse range of clients, the insurance world can benefit greatly from putting this approach into action.

WATCH: Be the Good Guys
Episode #5

"Be The Good Guys"

"Be the good guys. Show your soul. We can buy products from anybody, but we want solutions and we want to work with the good guys." Kelly wastes no time in highlighting the incredible advantages you can gain from sharing your 'good' acts with the world.

WATCH: Episode 2 - Use Diverse Imagery in your Marketing
Episode #3

"Eliminate the Pain Points"

"People don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions." Understanding and learning to work around pain points helps you get to solutions much quicker.

COMING SOON - Episode 5: Give the People What They Want
Episode #6

"Give the People What they Want"

In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to grab your audience's attention and establish a meaningful connection. But how can you do that? By understanding their preferences. In this video, we delve into the importance of giving your audience what they want.

WATCH: Episode 7 - Agree to Disagree
Episode #7

"Agree to Disagree"

This episode offers practical tips and techniques to carry forward discussions without sounding confrontational, even when fundamental disagreements arise. Learn how to use diplomatic language, such as "I see it differently," to express varying viewpoints respectfully.

WATCH: Episode 8
Episode #8

"Solutions, Not Excuses"

Fundamentally, customers seek reassurance of your support. Instead of justifying, focus directly on problem-solving and provide clear assurances that you are proactively seeking resolutions, regardless of any challenges.

WATCH Episode 9
Episode #9

"Helping Beats Selling."

"If you help me, you don't have to sell me." In an age where consumers are bombarded with endless marketing messages, adopting a help-first mentality can truly set a business apart, transforming one-time buyers into loyal advocates.

WATCH: Diversity Big 5
Episode #10

"Diversity Big 5"

Explore the evolution of diversity beyond the traditional Big 5 — race, ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual identity — to encompass a wider spectrum including disabilities, personality differences, and more. Discover how our understanding of diversity has expanded to include "any way that you can be different from me."

WATCH: Episode 11
Episode #11

"Value in Diverse Workforce"

Diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams in nearly every critical area of business, including customer loyalty and problem-solving. However, there are additional areas that benefit from diversity, which may come as a surprise.