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caring for our customers

We understand you may face financial hardships directly related to impacts from the coronavirus and we will work through billing options with you – we're here to help.

Billing options for financial hardships

Easy access

  • For easy 24x7 access, You can check the status of a claim, pay your bill and get your insurance information via your My Westfield account.

Coronavirus: coverage questions

  • During this unprecedented time, you likely have policy questions. These are the most common questions we've been hearing.
  • Things have changed but we do not expect any impact to our daily operations, such as Claims.

we are here for you

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caring for our community

Life changes but caring for our customers and our communities never will. Find out more about how Westfield is helping.

additional information

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Four Steps to Business Continuity After Coronavirus

Most businesses try to expect the unexpected such as a fire or theft—that's what insurance is for, after all—but what happens when the entire global business community goes off the rails.

Scott Page and Chris Cline

Your Mind Will Be Blown: Science, Business, and Ping-Pong?

Running a business during COVID-19 is like playing ping pong on a 20-dimensional ping pong table. Multiple parameters are affecting today’s business climate and Scott Page, John Seely Brown Distinguished University Professor of Complexity, Social Science, and Management at the University of Michigan is here to explain solutions and ways businesses are looking to thrive post-pandemic.