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Think differently

Think differently

e can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and expect to be in business tomorrow

~ Unknown

Even if “normal” is just a setting on the dryer, the truth is that whatever normal was, it certainly has evolved. So, doing business in a new normal requires hyper-focus on a value proposition that reflects your agency brand, culture, unique capabilities and values in an industry striving for digital legitimacy and empathetic processes that advise and guide consumer behavior during periods of uncertainty.

Thriving requires thinking differently about our goals, resources and skills

We must focus on making our businesses comfortable, safe and successful to give employees reasons to align with corporate goals and values. Afterall, they are the best marketing asset we have. Beginning a new thought pattern doesn’t happen overnight. Indeed, it requires careful planning and diligent, purposeful action. Actions that focus on customer impact, industry next steps and effective positioning. The future looks vastly different than before.

Formula for Success

A formula to help drive action and to generate a new thought pattern:

Step 1: Start with “Why”
Define why you are in business and why your unique capabilities are important to your community.

Step 2: Identify your value proposition
Document a statement that reflects the significance of your unique capabilities and drives action.

Step 3: Define your brand
Position your business in the market with a clear business culture in action.

Step 4: Determine your marketing strategy
Commit to your focus and how you’ll bring your unique capabilities and business culture to life through communication, marketing and digital channels.

Step 5: Align talent with customer needs
Pivot from traditional insurance roles to risk advisor roles that align with your customer’s mindset.

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