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MyWestfield adds more value for customers

My Westfield adds more value for customers

Customer care is our primary focus

When we think about caring for customers, we think about ways to simplify their experiences. That’s why we’re always glad to share ways that we help you more effectively connect with customers.

And MyWestfield® is just one way we care for customers

MyWestfield is a quick and easy way for Westfield customers to get information about their Westfield policy information – including claim status and online payments. But we’ve made it even better!

Now customers can access auto ID cards, bills and policy declaration pages on MyWestfield – all critical documents to help customers get what they need more quickly and efficiently.
With your support, customers can learn to view and download current documents at any time via their MyWestfield customer portal access account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into MyWestfield.
  2. Select the Documents tab.
  3. Select the document they’d like to see:
    • Current auto ID cards
    • Bills – from 13 months ago until present
    • Current declaration summary page

And customers with more than one Westfield policy or billing account can use our drop-down menu to easily navigate between multiple policy or bill documents.

It’s completely mobile-friendly!

Customers can access their MyWestfield information on multiple devices – we’ve made sure to optimize the view for any screen size.

Our digital work is never done.

We’ve been busy building digital tools that enable you and our customers to experience a more efficient and responsive Westfield. Starting with the Digital Appetite Guide and LIVE Chat, we’ll continue to look for opportunities to make working with Westfield exceptional.