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We’re integrating e2Value Pronto into our quoting and issuing process!

We’re excited that as of April 6, 2020, e2Value Pronto (Pronto) estimates are integrated into our high value home quoting and issuance process. Now, you can easily quote new business with a more accurate Coverage A estimate automatically!

Same look and feel.

It looks the same but acts a little differently. With Pronto, you can complete the Coverage A calculations within WesCom because the system works for you. Here’s how. WesCom retrieves e2Value calculations that include pre-filled data from one of the leaders in dwelling records collection. You can either accept that data as is or override the data if it’s inaccurate.

All to create a more consistent experience for your customers.

It’s all about creating a consistent experience for homes that require inspections. By using Pronto estimates for high-value homes, the initial Coverage A estimate tends to align strongly with post-inspection e2Value calculations. That means that your customers should not experience significant swings in initial vs post-inspection value.

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