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| September 2023

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READ: Westfield Direct Reporting Saves You Time
Westfield's Direct Reporting Will Save You Valuable Time

Westfield's direct reporting service empowers your customers to easily report claims to our Customer Care Center. This streamlined process ensures faster and more accurate service, freeing up your time to concentrate on growing your business.

Workers Comp Challenges Explained
Workers Comp Challenges Explained: Complex Claims & Recession-Based Risks

This article highlights two pressing concerns faced by insurers in the workers compensation market. As agents, you can assist your clients by educating them about these risks and emphasizing the importance of a partnerships.

Middle Market: The Fight for Price
Middle Market - The Fight for Price: Navigating Rising Prices With Your Clients

Middle-market commercial customers are facing rising property and auto insurance premiums due to a number of factors. As agents, you can help by communicating more frequently, assisting with program evaluation, and optimizing coverages and costs to align with the customer's business objectives.

The Power of Inclusion, Presented by Kelly McDonald
"Use Consumer Insights and Tap Into Values"

7 Ways to Work With and Sell to People Not Like You

No two individuals are alike. We all have our unique traits, backgrounds, and perspectives. When we grasp the values that define each person, remarkable things happen. Relationships grow stronger, connections become more personal, and understanding takes root.

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SHARE: Why Employers Need Options in RTW Programs

Why Employers Need Options in Return-to-Work Programs

This article discusses the impact of lost time claims on workers' compensation premiums for employers and how they can reduce them by offering modified or transitional duty assignments to recovering employees. It provides options for on-site light-duty work and off-site transitional duty assignments, such as volunteering at a nonprofit, and emphasizes the importance of creating a portfolio of return-to-work solutions.

SHARE: Everything on Social Inflation

Social Inflation: Hard to Measure, Important to Understand

This article highlights the concept of social inflation and how it can raise insurers' claims costs above general economic inflation. It discusses the impact of factors that can result in higher insurance rates and make coverage less affordable for policyholders. The article also invites insurers, policyholders, and policymakers to join the discussion and find solutions to mitigate the effects of social inflation.

Click the article, then select a social media platform to share the post!
Click the article, then select a social media platform to share the post!


The Largest Life Insurance Policy Ever

According to Guinness World Records, an anonymous, but “well-known,” Silicon Valley billionaire purchased the most valuable life policy ever in 2014. The coverage amount? $201 million.

This doubles the previous record of $100 million set in 1990. The most valuable policy was unsurprisingly complex, involving 19 different insurance companies for the underwriting.

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