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burger bliss: a SizeUp example

closeup of bridge as a part of a weathered copper sculpture

Let’s say you have a successful burger joint and want to expand, or you have a dream of opening one up.  Where do you begin? Where should your burger restaurant be located?  What customers should you target?  Where do you place ads to promote your grand opening?

With SizeUp, your questions can be answered with a few simple clicks (see below):

  • Type in burger restaurants 
  • Search your location (Cleveland, OH)
  • Click on competition
  • Click on consumer spending – dinner, food and beverages and food away from home

In this Cleveland example, we found that the residents of Rocky River, Ohio love going out to eat and also enjoy the beaches of Lake Erie. The lack of competition in the northern part of the city coupled with spending habits and the amount of foot traffic near the beach get your creative juices flowing. This could be where you expand or get your feet wet. 

Next on your list is advertising your beachfront burger restaurant and hiring employees. SizeUp can help with that, too. 

We are proud to put competitive data in your hands. SizeUp is just one way in which we deliver tools to give small business owners an edge in the marketplace.  

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