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The Westfield Appetite Guide is Better Than Ever

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The Westfield Digital Appetite Guide is your gatewayscreenshot of westfield's appetite guide to easier…

Guesswork? What guesswork! The Digital Appetite Guide includes a comprehensive list of business classes within specific industries. And we indicate whether that business class is a GOOD Fit for our products.

Guarantees?  Well, there are none, but we’ve included PREFERRED CLASS indicators on the business classes we know and are confident writing.

Take for example, Workers’ Compensation. You can now filter for preferred classes for our Workers’ Compensation program!

Easy? PPHH, yeah. The built-in filters help pinpoint GOOD FIT and PREFERRED CLASS for each business segment, industry, product and state. PLUS, we’ve added Class Appetite Options to narrow your search even more!

  • Show only Preferred classes – only displays the preferred classes based on your filter criteria.
  • another screenshot of Westfield's appetite guide
  • Show only Good Fit classes – only displays the business classes that are a GOOD FIT based on your filter criteria.
  • Show only SureStep Eligible classes – specific to small business and displays the business classes that best align with our SureStep® BOP product. Learn more about SureStep BOP>>
We did the heavy lifting, so you didn’t have to.

You can access our Digital Appetite Guide on AWP.

What’s stopping you? Try it out on your next commercial customer today!