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The American Farmer & COVID-19

The American Farmer & COVID-19

Westfield was started by farmers back in 1848, and we've carried that legacy all the way through to today. Although the resolve of the American farmer is very strong, it’s important now that we draw a much deeper connection with our agribusiness customers and really dig in to understand their business.

The sense of community in the food and agriculture community is strong, but the health of the American farmer and commercial agribusiness worker is at risk. Here are some great resources to help you learn more about how we can support the food and agribusiness community:

Closing the Gap Podcast: The American Farmer & COVID-19
How is COVID-19 impacting the American farmer’s food supply chain? Dave Ruppel, Westfield Agribusiness Underwriting & Sales Leader, answers that very question along with sharing his outlook for the future of American farming. Take a listen >>>

Blending Insurance and Technology to Help Farmers Thrive
Farms, ranches, food manufacturers and commercial agricultural facilities in the United States are turning to InsurTech tools, facilitated by insurance carriers and fostered by independent agents. Read more >>>

Help your farming and agribusiness customers solve for supply chain/food demand interruptions that could result in food waste
Encourage them to contact their local Feeding America Foodbank to determine if there is an opportunity to SELL their product to the foodbank based on increased demand. Food resources or Food Acquisition Coordinator/Manager are typical position titles within Feeding America Foodbank networks that can help provide more information. Find your local Feeding America Foodbank >>>