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Spotlight Preferred Class

The best promise is the promise kept. And we take that seriously. 

As we continue to transform how we think about small business, we remain committed to ensuring a seamless experience for you and your customers. That’s why we’re focused on aligning our risk appetite, underwriting expertise, products and coverages, and mix of business with our preferred business classes in our target industries. 

With a targeted approach to preferred classes, we can offer you the best opportunity to successfully place the right accounts with us so that you grow profitably.

Dig Deeper into Small Business Preferred Classes!

For Small Business, we’re spotlighting 10 of our preferred classes in retail, office, and services industries that nearly flow straight through the Westfield Small Business Platform.  Plus, with these preferred classes, expect:

  • Faster processing: For retail, office, and services, we average >35% STP.
  • More competitive: Micro and flow business represent a yield ratio of 19%.
  • Better growth potential: The retail, office, and services sectors are projected to grow by >8% over the next four years.
  • SureStep® BOP eligible: Most preferred classes are eligible for our flagship product, SureStep® BOP – Westfield’s unique businessowner policy that is competitively priced and offers flexible options to grow with the customer.

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And that’s just one way we’re keeping our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for you and your customer. So, talk with your underwriter or territory manager about building your sales pipeline.

Westfield Small Business. It’s the go-to option you’ll want to offer your customers first.