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Remaining equipped

It’s all about timing – and these are uncertain times to be sure. We know that your focus is on COVID-19 right now. But let’s take a moment to think about what’s next. When you’re ready and the time is right, we have the marketing resources and materials to meet your needs. Because there will be a next.

When you need a plan, it’s helpful to know what’s available. Here’s a short list of tools and ideas to get your started.

Marketing Solutions Center

The Marketing Solutions Center is a secure, stand-alone storehouse of outstanding marketing materials designed as a one-stop resource for you! We imagine that when you work with multiple carriers, it’s time consuming to find just the right marketing resources. That’s why we want to make it easier for you. Use Westfield’s Marketing Solutions Center to find current and interactive resources to help drive customer connection and agency growth.

Let’s get you oriented

Finding materials: Use the catalog feature or search functionality to find resources by category and business segment.

Getting materials: Choose how to receive your materials: traditional print copies or digital download to use right away.

Planning marketing campaigns: Order advertising campaign materials using our  Co-Branded Marketing Toolkit>>>

Using Westfield logos: Download our logos (HINT: page 7) when you open our  Brand Guidelines>>>

What’s inside?

There’s a lot to find, but here are some highlights:

Agribusiness: We’ve completely refreshed our farm and agribusiness materials  with award-winning designs to help drive comprehensive and effective customer conversations. Plus, we’ve never been more clear about our farm and agribusiness appetite – don’t forget to use our Digital Appetite Guide.

Signature Insurance®: Our new approach to  Signature Insurance materials will help you give customers just what they need while providing the technical information you can use to drive coverage and limits conversations.

Auto ID card holders: For you. For your customers. For FREE! Order a supply today

Experience the Marketing Solutions Center

Be sure to create a Marketing Solutions Center account to access our resources. Just go to Agents Web Passport (AWP) and,

  1. Select the Marketing tab.
  2. Select Marketing and Sales Materials from the General Information left menu options.
  3. Select Marketing Solutions Center.

Here’s a shortcut>>>


The Social Media Toolkit

While social media is free to join, it can be time-consuming and require dedicated focus. Yet it’s considered a critical business tool for success which is why sharing our social media toolkit is important to us. When you open our toolkit, you’ll find tips-of-the-trade and free, shareable content to help grow your network.

Don’t know what to post? Our toolkit includes ready-made blurbs that you can copy and paste right into your social channels. We’ve made it just. That. Simple.

If you have questions about how to get started with social media, be sure to contact our Social Media Manager @ socialmedia@westfieldgrp.com.

Recruiting: Attracting Great Employees

Perhaps the next thing for your will be recruiting new employees. And there’s a lot to think about when you’re looking for the perfect team members. In fact, 76 percent of businesses struggle with finding the right candidates for a job. You can overcome this challenge by changing your mindset.

In the article, How to use Recruitment Marketing to Attract Great Employees, you’ll learn about the seven principles of recruitment marketing:

  • Know your target audience
  • Define your value
  • Tailor job listings to attract your ideal candidate
  • Choose the right recruitment marketing channels
  • Build your workplace brand
  • Spruce up your web presence
  • Test, test and test again

Interested in learning more? Check out the full article by Caron Beesley.

That’s Westfield for you! Always thinking and preparing for what’s next. And now, you can too.