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Read it and Eat!

Read it and Eat!
Who doesn’t love a good meal out? But what’s behind the menu helps ensure that restaurateurs can deliver quality vittles, generous service and a squeaky clean and safe dining experience. Westfield wants to help create that experience.

Three Reasons to Write Restaurants with Westfield

We’re all on the move. It’s a busy time. Reading tons of information isn’t necessarily on your menu today, but maybe a quick appetizer will whet your appetite for more later.

Reason 1: We have a clear appetite for restaurants – large chains, family-owned, mobile and more, just check our Digital Appetite Guide.  

Reason 2: We have products designed for restaurants – including Workers’ Comp and endorsements.

Reason 3: We have data to help you find just the right customers in your neighborhood. And we can start by start by addressing risk.

That’s why we want your restaurant customers – no reservations required.