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Companion Car Discount Update

We are expanding the availability of this discount to single-vehicle policies of non-relatives residing in a household with another Westfield insured. We will be modifying our manuals as such, but feel free to quote new business or add to policies within your existing book of business now. We hope this can be an additional new business and retention tool for you!

Don’t forget about the other discounts we have available on the “Policy Information” tab - these are for children of Westfield insureds:

  • If a current driver on the parent’s/guardian’s policy “spins off” onto his or her own policy and is still in the household:
    • Apply the loyalty date – the date when the parents first became Westfield auto customers
    • Apply the companion car discount if it is a single-vehicle policy. **Don’t forget to add this discount to the parent’s policy as well if it becomes a single-vehicle policy!
  • If a current driver on the parent’s/guardian’s policy leaves the household:
    • Apply the loyalty date
    • Apply the Next Generation Discount

Please see the Westfield auto manuals for all rules regarding eligibility and application of these discounts, and feel free to reach out to your underwriter with any questions.