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Chestnuts Roasting on a (Well Ventilated, Safe) Open Fire

Did you know December and January are the peak seasons for house fires?

Holiday lights and those dried out Christmas trees are certainly culprits. But it’s also a combination of increased activity, distraction and seeking out those cozy winter vibes that surround many of the leading causes of house fires.

We have three leading causes of house fires and why that risk is higher this time of year:

  • Cooking – Unattended pots, pans, and cooking equipment are at the root of almost half of all domestic fires. It is very easy to get distracted during the holiday season, whether it’s because the to-do list is bigger or the visitors more frequent.
  • Heating – Portable heaters are the primary source of fires caused by heating units. Although modern space heaters are safer than some, it is still very important to refrain from using them overnight and to keep them at least three feet away from anything that can burn.
  • Candles – Candle use increases this time of year due to shorter days and many of the seasons’ decorations including tapers and pillars. Both inattentiveness and increased activity in the household can fuel this type of fire.

Bottom line, make sure you’re being vigilant. Set timers for your cooking, keep clear space around heating elements, and make sure candles are blown out.

Please share these precautions with customers on your social media channels, email, or the next time you’re on the phone with them. You never know – it may save a home, a beloved pet, or a human life.