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Redesigned With You in Mind

The time is here to check out the newly designed AWP! 

From now through September, when you log into AWP you will see the option to use the new AWP or continue with the current version. 

AWP New System is Live!

The new AWP has so many new features and benefits that we feel confident you will love the experience.  So, we encourage you to check it out, play with the new system and give us your feedback.  While access to the new AWP is available now, emails will be sent out on a rolling basis monthly letting you know when it is time to make the transition. 


What’s New?

Below are some key features of the new system.  So have fun and experience the new AWP. 

A powerful search feature is now available. Finding information has never been easier. 


Personalized content based on your user credentials means that accessing policy and claims information is much more efficient.


Simplified design and organization let you quickly gather facts to help serve your customers.

Help & Feedback CenterWe're always here to help!

AWP Profile

AWP Profile

In fact, we've included a HELP & FEEDBACK CENTER button on each page so it's more convenient for you to ask questions and offer feedback in the context of what you're working on. Be sure to use the HELP & FEEDBACK CENTER button to tell us what you're thinking.

Take a tour with the new AWP sitemap and experience Westfield in a new way!


Access AWP Launch Material

WATCH: Episode 1 - What is Diversity?
#1 - Launch: The New AWP is Live!

The time is here to check out the newly designed AWP! Learn about the added features in the new AWP, take a tour with the new sitemap, and get started today.

WATCH: Episode 1 - What is Diversity?
#2 - Summary Search (Coming in April)

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