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A positive spin on doom

A positive spin on doom

In challenging times, Risk Services doesn’t skip a beat in surveying

Planning for the possible; preparing for the probable; projecting toward the profitable; it’s what commercial customers do every day. And Westfield is right beside them.

So, when a pandemic threatens customer service levels, it’s time to initiate a new plan. And for Westfield, that means suspending in-person, on-site risk surveys and finding an alternative.

Announcing OneXperience

OneXperience is a collaborative risk management and self-inspection platform where the Risk Control representative and customer can digitally connect real-time to share photos, videos, and forms throughout the life of the policy.
And here’s how it works:
  • One: We send a live-feed link to the customer so they can connect with our Risk Control representative’s laptop.
  • Two: The customer takes the Risk Control representative on a virtual tour.
  • Three: The Risk Control representative captures video and images and can ask questions during the virtual tour like they might in person.

Or, if a live call is not possible, we send a link to the customer where they can download images to a safe document repository for the Risk Control representative to access later.

It’s bigger than risk control

Using a virtual inspection tool is an innovative solution and a huge win for customers:
  • It promotes social distancing, making customers feel safer.
  • It provides flexibility for both customers and risk control, giving options for sharing information.
  • It is timely, making it easier to schedule appointments and gather information.
  • It offers insight, leveraging key data and assessments to more effectively underwrite


We’ve proven it works

Before rolling OneXperience out to all customers, we conducted a pilot to help our team learn more about this solution.

Customers say: “It’s faster, more flexible, and a better experience.”

Our team says: “We have reliable data and it saves time.”

An agent said: “My associate and I were discussing the video inspection on the way back to the office. We feel it was an extremely useful tool and wave of the future. I don’t often get a detailed inspection every year, so this helps me too”.

And now it’s official!

We didn’t skip a beat. Our risk control team works tirelessly to ensure you and your customers have the right information to make the best decisions so their business is as profitable as it can be. And we’ll continue to virtually survey using OneXperience to add confidence and value as we work through these challenging times.
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