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3 Simple ways to tighten up your wi-fi router security

3 Simple ways to tighten up your wi-fi router security

With the country now working and learning at home, the security of our home wireless networks is more important than ever. This is the gateway to our home's network. Remember, all devices connected to Wi-Fi in your home flow through this one source – now is the time to ensure your router is as secure as possible.

Here are 3 simple steps to make your home Wi-Fi router more secure:

  • Update the firmware to the latest version.
    Your Wi-Fi router's manufacturer likely provides instructions online. Here are links to webpages from two of the most popular Wi-Fi router manufacturers:
  • Change the default administrator password of your router to one that is strong and unique.
    Default login credentials are easy to obtain and well-known by scammers. If you're not familiar with how to change your administrator password, try performing an internet search on how to do this and be sure to reference your router's name and model number.
  • Disable remote access.
    Some Wi-Fi routers have remote access that enables them to be controlled across the Internet. If this feature is available on your router, verify that it is turned off. 

As an additional resource, Consumer Report's offers an informative video on securing home Wi-Fi routers called "How Secure is Your Wifi Router?" Take a look – it’s only 3 minutes and provides great additional tips!