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harness the power of digital

harness the power of digital

Digital for the win.

In the wake of COVID, many who were reluctant to adopt to digital were suddenly thrust further into the digital age – and the results have been positive! Digital resources have taken center stage over the past few months and Westfield has realigned resources to fast track some digital solutions for you and our shared customers. Here are a few of the most significant enhancements:

First, we have our Digital Appetite Guide, which gives your agency clarity into our preferred classes. It’s easy to search and filter and now there are pre-loaded preferred class indicators making it simple to know the right fit.

Next, our Co-Branded Advertising: At no cost to your agency, you can choose from a dozen of professionally designed ad campaign, that include print, billboard and digital options. We will deliver them to you co-branded and ready to go, and did I mention no cost to you!?!

And then we have, AWP (Agent’s Web Passport): On October 11th, we’ll launch a completely re-imagined and revised AWP to make it more intuitive, easier to use and put more digital capabilities at your fingertips.

Then there’s Workshop, which is truly a differentiator: Workshop is a new consultative service from Westfield. So, Westfield put together a team of experienced marketing and digital experts to partner with your agency to find opportunities and shore up potential gaps in the areas of digital presence and strategic marketing areas. And the best part, there is no financial cost your agency for the service!

Next, we just launched a new partnership with Agency Revolution – the insurance industry’s leading marketing automation solution. Offering professionally designed websites, next-level marketing tools and high-quality relevant insurance content. With our new partnership, Westfield agencies receive a 15% discount. 

And finally, and this one is big, MyWestfield is our dedicated customer portal which has some major enhancements over the past couple of months. Customers now have 24/7 access to their policy information, ID cards, claims and billing information. Freeing you up to focus on sales by letting this digital tool take some work off your plate.