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Claims: The Power of People

Claims: Its Really a People Thing

Insurance may seem like it’s about materialistic things. Cars, homes, boats, buildings… But, when it comes right down to it, insurance is really about people and what matters most to them.

At Westfield, we understand that. Further, our claims team truly gets it…on the deepest level. We bring an empathetic approach – especially at a time when your customers need it most.

Responding is just as important as listening. We address each claim so that customers can get back to their lives. Claims are handled quickly, and with expertise…by people who care.

Westfield’s claims team is solutions-oriented, with years of collective experience and the expertise that goes along with that.  That’s what we bring to the table - and to every claim.

At the heart of insurance lies the people who make it happen. How our people make your customers feel is important. We are empathic, we genuinely care and that comes across in how we show up.

Your customers rely on insurance to protect everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. When they have a claim—whether home, auto, commercial or agriculture—Westfield’s values-driven team shows up and makes the process as smooth as possible.

We’re invested in upholding our promise of protection by creating claims experiences that flex and adapt to see your customers through every moment. For nearly two centuries, we’ve been focused on that, and we’re committed to delivering experiences defined by and built for life.



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