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Billing Fee Changes

A few things are changing in Customer Care, and we want to keep you in the loop. The following billing fee changes will go into effective October 22, 2018 in most of our operating states:

Westfield will implement a new returned payment fee (NSF). If a payment is returned unpaid for any reason Westfield will apply a returned payment fee to the billing account in the amount of the lesser of $25 or the maximum amount allowed by state law.

Westfield’s late fee will change from $20 to $30.

Westfield will also adjust the installment fees for the first time since 2008. In most of our operating states the $5.00 installment fee will change to $6.00. State exceptions will be posted on Agent’s Web Passport on the Billing page.

Westfield’s flexible billing service options include:

  1. Choice of four payment plans*
    1. Annual (1-pay)
    2. Semi-annual (2-pay)
    3. Quarterly (4-pay, $6 installment fee per bill)
    4. Monthly (12-pay, $6 installment fee per bill)
  2. Multiple policies can be billed on one billing account*
    1. Avoid multiple installment fees by combining customers’ Westfield policies onto one billing account.
  3. Choice of a due date (1-28)*
    1. *Excluding Defender customers
  4. Pay by phone and pay online options
    1. Pay your insurance bill with your VISA®, MasterCard® or electronic check by either calling 1.800.766.9133 or by going online to www.westfieldinsurance.com
  5. Billing installment fees are waived for customers enroll in recurring payments with a checking or savings account! 
    1. Guide customers to enroll in Westfield Easy Pay, our preferred payment method. Customers can go to westfieldinsurance.com, click Pay Bill, and follow the simple steps to register in our billing portal and enroll in Westfield Easy Pay. Customers who enroll in recurring payments with their checking or savings account will have their billing installment fees waived. Customers can manage their recurring payments, change payment methods and turn off the payments all online. Due dates and pay plan changes will still be made by calling or emailing Customer Care.