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Did you know that if your employee is off for 6 months, statistics show there’s only a 50% chance they’ll return to work at all? And that drops to 25% after 1 year off work?

When one of your employees is injured on the job, it’s in the best interests of both you and your worker if he or she is able to return to work as quickly as possible. For your worker, that means earning a full income again. And for you, it means minimizing your workers’ comp costs.

At the same time, you want to make sure your workers are medically ready to get back to work, too. You don’t want them to get hurt again, after all. A good return-to-work program can help meet all of these goals.

Westfield’s return-to-work program is designed with the needs of both injured employee and their employers in mind. It’s based on our decades of experience managing workers’ compensation claims and employers’ risks.
  • They recover from injuries faster
  • They can increase their income
  • They experience less financial hardship because of their injury
  • They can continue to participate in benefit programs
  • They can continue to be connected to their workplace
  • They know that their employer cares about them
  • Their self-esteem is improved
  • They’re less likely to experience stress, boredom and depression
  • They’re less likely to become physically and mentally deconditioned
  • They can maintain relationships with their co-workers
  • Their concerns about continued employment and benefits are relieved
  • You form a  trusted relationship with Westfield
  • You get a formal Return-to-Work policy and documentation
  • All applicable local, state, and federal laws and rules are considered
  • Procedures are standardized for reporting injuries and getting medical care for injured workers
  • A Return-to-Work coordinator in your organization helps achieve consistent and timely results
  • Injuries are managed early
  • You develop a strong working relationship with your designated medical provider
  • You commit to making Return-to-Work available on-site (or off-site) in all cases
  • Your organizational leadership team consistently supports the program
  • You communicate effectively with employees during rollout, during hiring, and regularly during their employment
  • You review and evaluate the program periodically
  • Your operational productivity is maximized
  • Your indemnity benefit costs are reduced
  • Your medical benefit costs are reduced
  • Your recovery periods are decreased
  • Your workers’ comp premiums are contained
  • Your hiring and recruitment costs because of injury are reduced or eliminated
  • Your workplace morale and engagement are boosted
  • Your potential for workers’ comp and employment lawsuits is reduced
  • You have more control over your workers’ comp program

Return to Work (video)

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