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Everything requires maintenance which means that your maintenance staff have a high risk for exposure. Each maintenance staff member should be familiar with how other operate and follow the same control measures.
  • Assign tools to individual maintenance staff and include dedicated storage areas for these tools to prevent cross contamination.
  • Use a clean pair of disposable gloves for each task.
  • Disinfect throughout the day and after each shift:
    • All equipment and tools
    • Job site
    • Workspace and workstation
During a shut down or limited operations, special maintenance protocol can help you prevent further losses
  • Identify systems that can be safely shut down (refrigeration, air compressors, commercial cooking equipment, etc.)
  • Determine equipment that must remain in operation (sprinkler systems, pumps, refrigeration), and establish an inspection and maintenance plan to ensure they function properly when no one is onsite.
  • Make sure all security and fire alarm systems are operating properly.
  • Consider upgrading security and fire alarms to a 24-hour monitored system
  • Conduct at least weekly onsite inspections of your unoccupied building, including building systems, security, HVAC, electrical and roofing systems
  • Pay special attention to seasonal property exposures, i.e., risk of freezing water lines, ice damming from roof, etc.