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Building is what you do. There’s something spectacular about watching a structure take shape; from conceptual design on paper to a functional building on a foundation. Whatever the materials, whatever the shape, whatever the color, the long days of opportunity resolving and sweat are worth every emotionally and physically draining day. And when the job’s done, you walk a little taller next to the structure you know so well.

But before you get there, you encounter an obstacle such as an infectious disease – COVID-19 – and everything stops. Your first thoughts might be project delays, budget overruns and materials shortages. Then, you realize that when you have a standing job site, you must plan for public safety and anticipate theft and vandalism.

In addition to the CDC guidelines and protocols, here are some additional safety considerations and precautions for a construction site.

  1. Install barriers
    • Install fencing, appropriate barriers, signs and external lighting to support public safety and limit theft/vandalism.
    • Place barriers or cover fall exposures from trenching, building openings, or other conditions.
  2. Post directional, wayfinding and instructional signage throughout the site.
    • Establish appropriates signs noting restricted access, ppe required and where to go for permission. Include information on who to call in an emergency.
  3. Remove non-essential equipment and materials from the site and secure them in a warehouse or trailer.
    • Remove and store scaffolding and ladders
    • Remove or secure all loose materials, tools, and equipment on open floors and roofs.
  4. Plan for unexpected weather or other events.
    • Have equipment and resources available to remove water from heavy storm
    • Have protection against dangerous electrical lines
  5. Organize onsite patrols to keep an eye on closed or delayed projects.