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Reopening a business is more than unlocking the doors and turning on the lights. So. Much. More. Here are some basic guidelines to use as you get started again.

Stay connected with experts, credible industry sources and peers. Shared knowledge helps maintain a healthy understanding of current issues and future considerations. Plus, you have a pool of resources from which to draw expertise about topics you may be less familiar with.
It sounds ominous, but establishing a team that helps create, discuss and identify issues related to closure and reactivating your business, is critical. A task force can cover more ground than just one person and can help communicate and train team members.
Reactivating a business means thinking differently. And may require new or updated procedures or actions to maintain a healthy environment – not just for you, but for your employees and customers. They might address:
  • Cleaning and disinfecting practices
  • Creating barriers between employees and customers
  • Creating traffic patterns
  • Enforcing new or updated employee health practices
  • Handling payment or other transactions differently
  • Improving or enhancing signage
  • Limiting capacity
  • Providing personal protective equipment
You may need to create new roles and responsibilities, so be sure to train your employees thoroughly. Additionally, be sure to clearly express changes to customers or facility visitors when appropriate. Clear and consistent communication will enhance safety and understanding as your business returns to normal.
Not all changes or updates may work the first time around. Be sure to keep a pulse on how any new procedures or protocols are impacting your business operations, customers and employees. If necessary, try something a little different until you achieve the desired result.