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Benefit from Safe Driving with MissionSafe

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Consider how Westfield’s MissionSafe app can help you earn auto insurance discounts and avoid accidents.

Our MissionSafe app, is a smartphone tool to help those who insure their cars with us. MissionSafe, an exclusive benefit with your Westfield auto insurance policy, gives you feedback about your driving, which allows drivers and policy owners to better understand good habits, bad habits, and their effect on how much you pay for car insurance. It is a usage-based program that measures hard braking, acceleration, speed and other driving behaviors, then gives feedback on those to drivers, policy owners (such as parents of teen drivers), and Westfield to review. Your premium will not increase due to the data collected. MissionSafe can only decrease the discount the user receives.

Safe drivers can save a substantial amount of money on auto insurance premiums—up to 40%!

Making and sticking to a New Year’s list can help you qualify as a safe driver. Just as you would keep a diary on your food intake if you were dieting, you can use MissionSafe to review how you have been doing on your driving. 

Here are some resolutions that can help you travel safely and improve your MissionSafe numbers:

  • Travel at a safe speed (not higher than posted)
  • Slow when traffic ahead is stopped rather than braking hard at the last second
  • Accelerate calmly and steadily
  • Routinely drive in normally safe areas (bypassing construction zones and other hazardous spots as possible)
  • Avoid phone usage and other distractions while operating a vehicle
  • Use your headlights at dawn, dusk and night and during foggy or rainy times
  • Keep your tires inflated and rotate them regularly (every 5,000 miles) so they maintain traction
  • Buckle up (everyone in the vehicle)
  • Know your route ahead of time
  • Position mirrors to avoid blind spots—and always make a visual check when changing lanes or turning

If you are just starting to drive or just committing to driving safely, congratulations! You will find MissionSafe to be a fruitful tool. And if you are the parent of a new driver, you will love the insights and training opportunities the usage-based dashboard provides. Far from being a tattletale, MissionSafe is a learning tool that helps new drivers make important strides in modifying their driving style to prevent injuries and property damage.

MissionSafe is a smart app, so it is able to discern when you are traveling as a passenger, when you are riding a bicycle, or when you are using an off-road vehicle. The data collected are encrypted and subject to Westfield’s Privacy Promise. The data may also be used to help if you are involved in a claim and could provide evidence you were not at fault in an accident. You can decide how to transmit the data—via your cellular data plan or only on Wi-Fi.

Westfield wants to make it easy for you to benefit from your determination to be a safe driver. Introducing this usage-based automobile insurance program is just one way we can help you meet your safety and insurance premium goals.

Fill your safe-driving to-do list with check marks and keep a bit more money in your wallet. In a short time, you can become one of the safest drivers on the road!