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From the moment you report a workplace injury, Westfield has a variety of programs in place, all with one goal — to get your claim successfully resolved. A successful resolution means getting your worker the medical care that helps him or her recover and return to work in a way that doesn’t cause you financial pain as an employer.

Services Westfield Offers:

Westfield works with trusted resources to connect injured workers with the services they need to support their recovery.

Optum coordinates cost-effective services for workers’ compensation claims, including medical equipment and supplies, prosthetics, home modifications, in-home care, and transportation.

One Call Care provides physical therapy and diagnostic services, including radiology and medical testing.

Consultation for services is available 24/7 through Westfield.

Westfield works with the dedicated and seasoned professionals at NuQuest to get your workers’ compensation claim settled quickly, effectively and Medicare compliant — and in a way that shows that everyone involved cares about getting the best resolution for the injured worker.
Westfield offers a network of more than 1,500 registered nurses to help workers who are injured on the job. Workers get access to nurses in person or via telephone who can assess their needs, coordinate their medical care, and help get them back to work.

We have a track record of successful case conclusion and return to work in more than 95% of cases.
Our goal is to get your injured worker care at the right time, for the right price. Everyone works toward the same outcome — helping your worker to recover. We know that when that’s done right, you and your employee get great results at more cost-effective rates.
Beat medical cost inflation with Westfield’s Medical Bill Review Program. Make sure your injured worker gets the right care at the right time — and for the right price.

Through analytics, negotiations, and professional medical review, we can save valuable time for your employee and money for you.
Physician panels and medical directories are important tools in getting you and your injured worker the right treatment for their injuries at the right time — and at the right cost for you.
WesWorks® is a program that Westfield has developed with a singular goal in mind — helping your employee get back to work safely at the right time. Our program recognizes that employers aren’t always ready or able to accommodate an injured employee who has to come back with limitations. We partner with nonprofits nationwide to help workers transition back to work until you’re ready and able to accommodate them in your workplace.

The program gives injured employees meaning while they’re recovering, offers benefit to the entire community, and benefits your business’s productivity in the long-term.
Advanced industry analytics tool that helps to provide insights on claims severity.
Westfield is committed to ensuring your employee gets the best available medical care for effective treatment of his or her injury. We have a nationwide network of more than 50,000 top-rated specialists who are recognized as experts in their fields and capable of catastrophic and chronic injury management.

Our relationship with Best Doctors® supports your injured employees in getting the best medical care and outcome possible with their catastrophic and long-term injuries.
Westfield and Healthesystems work together to make sure your injured employees have affordable access to the medications they need during their recovery. We also work together to make sure injured workers are getting the right drug therapies to treat their injuries — and work to mitigate the use of dangerous opioids when alternatives can be effective.
Westfield’s WesCare® 24/7 Nurse Triage program gives an injured worker early access to high-quality medical care. A nurse can assess the worker’s needs and help him or her get the right kind of care for their type of injury. This type of early intervention leads to better recoveries — and less costly claims.


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