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Return-to-Work programs can be an important piece of managing your workers’ comp claims and your employees’ recoveries from injuries. However, Westfield recognizes that you may not always be in a position to offer such a program on-site at your place of business.

That’s why we developed WesWorks®, an off-site transitional program that your injured workers can access until they’re ready to come back to work at your business.

How it Works

The program connects your injured workers with charities where they can find opportunities for work that they can do safely and that can help them rehabilitate. This kind of work can help an employee stay active and engaged while they heal. 

Here’s how it works:

You report a workers’ compensation claim.

A Westfield claims team coordinates medical care for your worker.

When your worker is medically ready to start working again, we’ll work with you and our partners to develop a plan for your worker and your business. That may involve on-site return-to-work, or off-site through WesWorks® if on-site isn’t an option.

WesWorks® coordinates a temporary placement at a nonprofit for your worker. Your worker gets a chance to give back to the community while transitioning back to work.

You pay wages for your employee’s transitional work.

Westfield coordinates everything.

Once your employee can resume regular duties, or you’re able to accommodate any medical restrictions, your employee comes back to work at your place of business.

Learn More About Return-to-Work Programs

Return-to-Work programs can offer many positive benefits for both employers and employees, from financial to morale. Learn more about how Westfield can partner with your business on Return-to-Work programs and get your injured employees back to work sooner. 


Return to Work (video)

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