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pharmacy benefit program

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Anyone who uses health care or just reads the news regularly knows that prescriptions can make up a significant portion of health care costs. Rising drug costs are a challenge for not only individuals, but employers trying to manage their workers’ compensation claim costs.

Westfield recognizes that you’re trying to make sure your employees get the treatment that will help them get back to work while also trying to control your costs. That’s why our workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit program is designed to help your employees get what they need — and to save your business money.


Westfield’s First Fill Program

Westfield partners with Healthesystems to get your workers immediate access to the prescription medications they need to recover from their injuries. Workers get an initial supply of the prescribed medication at no out-of-pocket cost before we even receive a claim. 

Then they can get their prescriptions delivered to their homes as a mail order prescription. This is a convenient option for workers who may be unable to drive to a pharmacy because of their injuries.

How it works:

  • You get First Fill information and forms along with your Westfield policy. You can get extra forms from Westfield.
  • You give your employee a form when they get hurt.
  • The employee can use the form to get a 10-day supply of medication within 15 days after experiencing an injury.
  • Call Healthesystems at 800.758.5779 for more information about the First Fill Program.


How to Find a Pharmacy

More than 60,000 retail pharmacies participate in the First Fill Program. You or your employee can find one through an online Pharmacy Search.


How to Report Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Make sure to report the injury to Westfield at 800.243.0210 (option 3), or send an email to WestfieldCCC@westfieldgrp.com, as soon as you can to make additional pharmacy benefits available to your injured employee.


Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. And now, so will your policy info.



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