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boat insurance

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The day you bought a boat you knew you were living the dream. It’s something you worked hard for and you made it happen. Now you’ve earned some time chopping waves, casting a line for bass or just spending sun-soaked weekends with your family on the water. 

You’ve also earned some peace of mind because your boat, your equipment — and your family — are covered if something happens out on the water. Hopefully, nothing ever will. But, just in case, Westfield’s boat insurance offers the kind of protection you need.

What Westfield Boat Insurance Covers*

Westfield is rooted in a commitment to caring about each person we cover, and caring about what matters most to you.  We go the extra mile to not just cover your boat, but also:

  • Personal property and equipment, like your fishing gear
  • Towing and emergency assistance costs, up to the stated limit
  • Adding an additional boat motor, or trailer, up to the stated limit
  • Your medical costs and those of passengers or water skiers in the event of an accident
  • Auxiliary watercraft, like dinghies, used to get to and from your boat, up to the stated limit
  • Costs to recover your covered property if your boat gets stranded or sinks
  • Liability for fuel spills 

And we don’t restrict your boat operations during a 12-month navigation period under our boat insurance policies, so you can take your boat out whenever you want.

If you need more than that, Westfield also offers you the option to:

  • Increase your coverage limits for personal property, equipment and auxiliary watercraft
  • Extend your coverage for up to 15 miles from shore in coastal waters
  • Get coverage up to $500,000 for injuries caused by an uninsured boat operator
  • Towing and emergency assistance costs, up to the stated limit

You also may be able to get discounts for being a safe boater. Connect with one of our agents to talk about the boating safety courses you’ve taken or safety devices you keep on your boat and learn how you can save money.

Don’t want to buy a standalone boat policy? We understand that sometimes you just want to keep things simple, which is why we offer the option to add your boat to your home, Wespak or Wespak Estate policy. 

Talk to an agent about your options. 

Odds are that your insurance needs don’t end with your boat. With Westfield, you can find flexible options to take care of all your needs. We want to help you simplify your life so you can spend more time doing what matters to you.

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* You need a Westfield Homeowners’ policy to qualify for boat insurance.



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