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MissionSafe® Terms and Conditions

Last Updated – October 17, 2022


Welcome to MissionSafe®, Westfield’s usage-based automobile insurance program (the “Program”).  The Program allows Westfield to adjust the automobile insurance premium of each driver that is insured on a Westfield automobile insurance policy (each, a “Policy”) and is participating in the Program (each, a “Participating Driver”) based on a Participating Driver’s driving habits. The Program works by using a mobile application (the “App”) downloaded onto a Participating Driver’s Android or iOS smartphone, giving that individual more control over the premium rates paid for his or her automobile insurance premium.

These Program Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) contain important information about Participating Drivers’ rights, benefits, costs and limitations under the Program.  These Terms set out the terms under which we allow a Participating Driver to download the App, how we and others may use the data collected, and how that data affects a Participating Driver’s automobile insurance premium.

Please read these Terms carefully. Your participation in the Program and use of the App are expressly conditioned on your acceptance of these Terms. Participation in the Program is voluntary and is not required to obtain an automobile insurance policy, and you may choose to stop your participation at any time.  If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, you should not participate in the Program.

We may change these Terms without notice at any time by posting the updated Terms in the App, and you shall be deemed to have accepted these revised Terms by your continued participation in the Program. You can always view the most current version of the Terms on the App.  You should regularly check for any changes.  Nothing in these Terms shall affect, change, or obviate any of the Usage Rules set forth in the Apple App Store Terms and Conditions or in the Google Play Terms of Service, whichever applies.

Program Overview

Your participation in the Program allows Westfield to incorporate actual vehicle information and driving behavior into the premium rates you pay for automobile insurance coverage. You have the potential to save money and receive a better premium rate for your automobile insurance through participation in the Program. Participating Driver’s will be able to access his or her vehicle and driving information through a smartphone App to obtain feedback, which may help you and Participating Drivers on your Policy become safer and smarter drivers. The data collected is detailed in the section titled “Data Collected” below. The Program is administered by a company (“Administrator”) on behalf of Westfield through the App. 

Eligibility & Additional Provisions

The following are necessary to participate:

  • The Participating Driver must have an issued Policy that includes the state required coverages.
  • The Participating Driver must have a smartphone (iPhone or Android), that is compatible with the App and he or she must always maintain an adequate data and coverage plan. Westfield is not responsible for any data charges, including overage charges associated with use of the App.
  • At least one person insured through your Policy must download the App within 45 days of enrolling in the Program.
  • The App must remain installed and active on each Participating Driver’s smartphone, and each Participating Driver must bring his or her smartphone with him or her when driving.
  • You must provide the smartphone number for each driver insured on your Policy that is participating in the Program.
  • You must provide a valid email address for each Participating Driver.
  • Each Participating Driver must accept these Terms as described in the section titled “Consent/Agreement” below.
  • Each Participating Driver must keep the App active, logged in, and with location services enabled at all times when driving the vehicle(s) insured by Westfield.



Once you enroll in the Program and a Policy is issued with the smartphone number and valid email address for each Participating Driver, each Participating Driver will receive the link to register. The instructions to download the App will be sent to the smartphone number of each Participating Driver by text message.  Each Participating Driver on the Policy should download and register the App on their own smartphone using their own phone number that you provided to us for that individual, which serves as the registration key. Once the registration key is recognized by us, the Participating Driver will be sent a random PIN by text message to the smartphone number used to register. You are responsible for any and all telecommunications charges, including, but not limited to, fees associated with text messaging imposed by your wireless carrier.

How it Works

Once downloaded and registered, which includes the acceptance of these Terms and the End User License Agreement, the App will run in the background and immediately begin collecting driving and phone sensor data (“Collected Data”). The Collected Data will be utilized by Westfield to develop a driving score for each Participating Driver (the “Driving Score”). The Driving Score will be available for review through the App. 

The App must always be running because the App will detect and record when a Participating Driver starts and ends a trip.  The App will attempt to identify all trips as “driving” trips (the App determines that the Participating Driver was operating a vehicle) or "non-driving" trips (the App determines that the Participating Driver was not operating a vehicle). The App also attempts to categorize mode of transportation (for example, car vs. bicycle) for each recorded trip. Trip scoring only applies to vehicle types licensed for road use. The ability to change how a trip is categorized will be available for a limited time after the trip is displayed.

If a pattern of reclassifying trips suggests misuse of the App, we can terminate your enrollment in the Program, resulting in a potential increase in your Policy premium due to the elimination of any participation or Driving Score discounts (the “Driving Score Discount”).

Data Collected

The Collected Data includes your physical location, vehicle speed, accelerations, and braking using GPS, time information, phone usage, and data from the phone’s sensors. Information, such as trip duration, trip regularity (taking the same routes on a regular basis), and rates of acceleration and braking, is derived from speed, location, and time information. The Collected Data applies to any vehicle operated by a Participating Driver, and Collected Data is not used if the App determines that the Participating Driver is a vehicle passenger.

The App uses cellular data, and the amount of data used will fluctuate based on how often and how far you drive.  The App also uses a certain amount of power from the smartphone battery. Care should be taken to ensure the smartphone is charged and turned on when driving to record the information for the Program.

Your responsibilities

This App may require periodic updates, and you agree that updating the App from time to time is your responsibility. In order to continue participating in the Program, a Participating Driver may not uninstall the App after it has been installed and must remain logged into the App. The location services (GPS) must always be enabled to provide for accurate data collection while a Participating Driver is operating an insured automobile. A Participating Driver will have the choice, managed from within the App, to send the Collected Data only through Wi-Fi networks or through cellular networks. Westfield is not responsible for any data charges, including coverage charges, associated with use of the App.

We want all Participating Drivers to stay safe. You should avoid distractions of any kind and focus on your driving when driving an automobile. Please do not look at or use the App, or attempt to contact us, while driving an automobile.

Review Period/ Usage Requirements

As noted in the section titled “How it Works” above, once downloaded and registered the App will run in the background and immediately begin collecting driving and phone sensor data, which will be utilized by Westfield to develop a Driving Score for Participating Drivers. The review period (“Review Period”) will begin on the date you install and activate the App. You are required to have the App active during the Review Period.  Within the Review Period, a minimum number of 91 days of data collection is required to derive a Driving Score Discount. A Driving Score Discount will not be available to a Participating Driver until the Review Period is sufficiently completed.

Data must be collected prior to the Scoring Date. The Scoring Date varies by state, but most commonly is 50 days prior to the Policy renewal date. If at least 91 days of data (including at least five trips) is not collected, the Participating Driver will not receive a Driving Score Discount and the App will continue to collect data until the next Scoring Date. 

If a pattern of pauses or disabling of the App suggests that reported driving behavior may not be representative of actual behavior, we can terminate your enrollment in the Program, resulting in a potential increase in your Policy premium due to the elimination of any Participation Discount (as defined below) or Driving Score Discount.  

Premium Impact

Subject to our rate filings and the rating regulations in your state, a discount for participating in the Program (the “Participation Discount”) will be applied to your Policy during the first policy term contingent upon completion of the App download and registration within 45 days of enrollment.  If a Participating Driver is enrolled in the Program mid-term, the Participation Discount will be applied pro-rata for the remainder of the current term. If enrollment is not completed within 45 days, the Participation Discount will be removed on day 46. 

The Participation Discount will be applied until enough data is captured to determine if a Driving Score should be applied at renewal. If there is more than one Participating Driver on the Policy, the Participation Discount is determined by dividing the sum of all Participation Discounts earned by Participating Drivers by the number of rated (assigned) drivers on the Policy.

The Driving Score Discount will be calculated based on driving behaviors of Participating Drivers such as acceleration intensity, hard braking, speed, distance traveled and phone use while driving, and will be applied at the next renewal. If there is more than one Participating Driver on the Policy, the Driving Score Discount is determined by dividing the sum of the Driving Score Discounts earned by Participating Drivers by the number of rated (assigned) drivers on the Policy.

At every Policy renewal, we will reevaluate the most recent driving data to calculate the Policy premium, the Participation Discount, and/or the Driving Score Discount going forward, subject to our rating factors, variables, rate filings and rating regulations in your state.

The Participation Discount and the Driving Score Discount apply to personal automobile coverages such as Bodily Injury, Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection, Property Damage, Comprehensive, Collision, Uninsured Motorists, Underinsured Motorists and Uninsured Motorists Property Damage. These coverages will vary by state.


Westfield intends to offer a rewards program as an incentive for safe driving behavior. When and if available, you would be able to sign up for your rewards program when you download the App, or such other time that we determine. The App assesses driving behavior and regularly distributes points for safe driving. You can then redeem your points for gift cards, fuel vouchers, charitable donations, and more.

This is a value-added service provided as a reward. In turn, your safe driving behavior can result in reduced crash frequency and severity, which can positively impact the overall rate of personal automobile insurance.

You can keep track of your rewards program status in the App. The rewards program may be modified from time-to-time.    

Driving Feedback

Within the App, you will be provided with a link to the projected driver discount page, where you can view feedback on how you have driven. You will be able to view a score for the driving variables identified in the section titled “Premium Impact” above and an overall Driving Score for your driving. All feedback provided is based on your driving as recorded by the App.

Your Driving Score Discount will be displayed as a percentage.

Terminating Participation in the Program

You can terminate your enrollment in the Program at any time, by uninstalling the App, and this will prevent further information from being collected and submitted to us.  Westfield can terminate your enrollment in the Program at any time, for any or no reason, including if the App is used in a manner other than what was intended or in any manner that is fraudulent. Termination of your participation in the Program may generate an increase in your Policy premium due to the elimination of the Participation Discount and/or Driving Score Discount you may have previously enjoyed. If your enrollment is terminated, we will process the premium increase without further notification to you. 

Transferring the App to another Smartphone

The App must be installed, registered, and activated on the smartphone by you when you enroll in the Program. Transferring of the collection of information to a different smartphone is permitted by following the procedure when downloading and activating the App.

Ownership and Future Use of the Data

You agree that Westfield will own all data collected during this Program, including but not limited to the Collected Data. If for any reason Westfield is found not to own the data, you hereby grant to Westfield an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, assignable right and license to use, sublicense, reproduce, maintain, modify, display, create derivative works of, and otherwise fully utilize and commercialize the data in an aggregated and not personally identifiable form. You further agree to cooperate, if necessary, with Westfield in perfecting Westfield rights to the foregoing data. You acknowledge and agree that Westfield may analyze the foregoing data to determine ways to develop or enhance Westfield insurance programs, services and/or products, including but not limited to the creation of non-insurance products and services.

Who Owns the App/License to Use/Disclaimer of Warranty

As between you and Westfield, the App is the property of Westfield and its licensors and is provided by us for you to receive feedback on your driving performance and the impact it may have on your personal automobile insurance premiums. Westfield and its licensors retain all right, title, and interest in and to the App. You may not and will not allow others to reverse engineer, decompile, alter, duplicate, translate, make copies, or create derivative works from the App or, otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the App, except to the extent allowed under applicable law. If applicable law permits such activities, any information discovered as a result of these activities must be promptly disclosed to us as it is deemed to be the confidential and proprietary information of Westfield and its licensors.

Provided that you comply with all these Terms, we grant you a revocable, limited, and non-transferrable license to use the App on any smartphone that you own or control and as permitted by Usage Rules set forth in the Apple App Store Terms and Conditions or the Google Play Terms of Service, whichever is applicable.

 This App is licensed "as-is", "with all faults" and "as available". You bear the risk of using it. We, on behalf of ourselves, the creator of the App, distributors of the App, network operators over whose network the App is distributed or operated, and each of their respective affiliates and suppliers, give no express or implied warranties, guarantees, or conditions under or in relation to the App. This includes, but is not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not warrant that the functionality or operation of the App will be uninterrupted or free from error, that any defects in the App will be corrected, or that the App or the server(s) that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful conditions or components.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and earning your trust and understand that you may have concerns about how we use the Collected Data. Westfield has a Privacy Promise to protect your personal information. The Privacy Promise contains a detailed description of your rights and our practices and is available by way of a link on the App and at https://www.westfieldinsurance.com/privacy-promise.

For the purpose of the Program, personal information includes all Collected Data that is identified as personal information in the Privacy Promise. This personal information will only be used as set forth in the Privacy Promise. Westfield may also collect and use technical data and related information. This information includes, among other things, information about your device and software, and data about how you use the App. You agree that Westfield may use this information in a form that does not personally identify you in any manner we may determine.


We will periodically send you reminders and other information through the App, by email, and/or by phone while you’re participating. Please do not read, check, or respond to messages while driving.

Modification or Termination of the Program

We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Program at any time and for any reason. 


Westfield and its licensors are the owner of all trademarks used in conjunction with the Program, whether in the form of names, images, logos, or icons.


If any portion of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining sections of these Terms will remain in effect.


Failure by the App provider, in any instance, to exercise any of its rights under These Terms will not constitute waiver of such right or any other rights under these Terms.

Governing Law/Exclusive Venue

Any and all disputes between the parties with respect to the Program shall be governed by, construed under and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the State of Ohio without regard to its choice of law principles. Any action brought between the parties with respect to the Program will be resolved in the federal and state courts located in the State of Ohio and the parties’ consent to the exclusive jurisdiction in these courts.


By downloading, registering (which includes the acceptance of the Terms, the Privacy Promise, and the End User License Agreement) and activating the App, you consent and agree to: (a) your participation in the Program, (b) these Terms as they apply to you, (c) the collection and disclosure to our licensors and service providers of your personal information, including Collected Data, in the manner and for the purposes described in these Terms and the Privacy Promise, and (d) the retainer and use by Westfield and our licensors and service providers of your personal information, including Collected Data, as described in these Terms and the Privacy Promise.

By accepting these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that you are authorized by the registered owner(s) of the applicable vehicles to collect and transmit data captured by the App.

Minor children (persons under the age of eighteen (18) years old) may not use the Licensed Product without the consent of a parent or guardian. The App is intended for use by users who are of the legal age required by your state to hold a driver’s license. 

 MissionSafe® Drivers Under Age 18

Drivers under the age of 18 are considered minors. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions associated with the MissionSafe® Program must be made by a parent or guardian. An acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on the application sent to the smartphone of the minor driver is an acknowledgement of acceptance by the parent or guardian.  


Trial Participants 

By accepting these terms and conditions as a voluntary trial participant, you agree to allow Westfield to send periodic emails and/or SMS messages for marketing and program related communications.  Trial participants are not eligible for the Rewards program or policy discounts and participation is not associated with any Westfield policy or coverage. All other terms and conditions apply. 

At any time during the trial, if you wish to no longer participate, simply delete the MissionSafe® app.