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A man with a plaid shirt plugging in the ting electrical monitoring device.
Early Detection

A smart sensor watches over your entire home to identify hazards that lead to fires.

Phone with the Ting app showing on the screen.
Timely Responses

The Ting team notifies you when a hazard is detected and walks you through next steps.

Electrician testing circuits in circuit breaker.
Confident Repairs

A Ting-certified licensed electrician will help find and fix the problem, with Ting covering up to $1,000 of the repair.


Westfield and Ting are here to help you stop electrical fires before they happen. Log in to MyWestfield to enroll today.



Peace of Mind at No Cost to You

Westfield homeowner policyholders can sign up today to receive Ting electrical monitoring for free for three years. Ting is available to the first 10,000 policyholders who complete enrollment.

What you need to get started:

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Smartphone
  • An active Westfield homeowners policy

How Do I Install Ting?

Ting is easy to install, no matter your skill level. Simply download the Ting Sensor app and follow the instructions to install Ting in just 2 minutes.

FAQs About Ting Fire Prevention & Safety Technology

Westfield's Ting Program

If you’re a current Westfield homeowners' policyholder, your Ting sensor and three years of service are free. No payment information is required to enroll and there are no monthly fees, subscription costs, or installation fees.

Prior to the end of the initial three-year service period, Westfield will communicate any potential program updates. There is no obligation to continue the service.

While the Ting program is free for policyholders, a premium discount is not currently available.

No, your participation in the Ting program has no impact on your insurance coverage or premium.

Ting is currently available in all 10 states where Westfield offers homeowners insurance.

Current Westfield homeowners' policyholders can sign up for Ting through MyWestfield. Participation in the program is available to the first 10,000 policyholders who complete enrollment. 

About Ting

It is very easy! That’s because Ting is designed to be entirely do-it-yourself — no matter your skill level. Typically, it only takes two minutes to install and activate the service. The Ting Sensor app, available through the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, will guide you through the setup process.

While we hope that you never receive a Ting fire hazard notification, if you do, it is imperative to respond immediately to the Ting Fire Safety Team as your house is in danger. If Ting detects a fire hazard in your home, you will receive:

  1. An App Notification
  2. A personal text from a Ting Fire Safety Engineer
  3. A personal phone call from a Ting Fire Safety Engineer
  4. A personal email.

When a fire hazard is detected, an experienced Ting Fire Safety Engineer will walk you through the details of the hazard along with a plan to resolve the hazard. If needed, a visit from a licensed electrician will be coordinated with you to find and fix the hazard. The Ting Remediation Credit will cover up to $1,000 of the electrician’s service, which typically covers all costs.

The Ting service works with an extensive network of authorized independent licensed electricians across the U.S. who are trained to find, diagnose, and fix the types of hazards that Ting identifies. All authorized electricians are professionally licensed, provide electrical services in your local area, and have been trained on how Ting works. Except for administering your Ting remediation service, no authorized electricians are compensated by Ting.

If a Ting electrician is needed to mitigate a fire hazard, rest assured that their sole purpose is to find and fix an electrical hazard before it can ignite a fire in your home. When the electrician is at your home, they will coordinate with the expert Ting Fire Safety Team to ensure the visit is as efficient as possible.

In many cases, remediation of the hazard simply means stopping the use of a failing or faulty device, such as a lamp or space heater. In other cases, a hazard may require professional remediation. If needed and with your approval, an electrician will be scheduled to visit your home and work with the Ting Fire Safety Team to find and fix the hazard.

Yes, you can use your preferred licensed contractor when service is required to repair a Ting-identified fire hazard. However, it is required that your electrician contact and coordinate with the Ting Fire Safety Team prior to visiting your home in order for the Ting Service Credit to be applicable.

Ting uses remote diagnostic tools along with real-time data from your Ting sensor during on-site services. A Ting Fire Safety Team engineer moderates the diagnostic process via phone consultation with the on-site electrician to verify the hazard has been found and fixed.

Yes, if an electrical fire hazard is known to be on your electrical service’s utility side, your utility provider is typically responsible for the repair and associated cost. In this case, the Ting Fire Safety Team will provide you with guidance on how to engage your utility and get the required attention for your home’s electrical supply and connection to your utility provider’s electric distribution system.

No. A breaker typically trips when there is a short or overload condition in a circuit's wiring. In this case, the circuit breaker is the safety mechanism. Ting is not designed to detect short circuits, which can cause breakers to trip. If your breaker keeps tripping, do not reset it, and contact a qualified electrician.

Most homes in the U.S. have one main electrical panel and only require a single Ting sensor for whole-home coverage. If your home has more than one main electrical panel, contact the Ting Customer Care Team at help@whiskerlabs.com to determine the appropriate plan of action. If Whisker Labs determines you need an additional Ting sensor, Westfield will cover the additional sensor and monitoring.

Your $1,000 credit can only be applied toward the labor required for the mitigation of an electrical fire hazard identified by Ting. You must be notified by the Ting service of a potential hazard and the Ting team must work with you to coordinate professional remediation. This credit cannot be used for general electrical work that you would like to have completed in your home.

All you need is a smartphone and a 24/7 Wi-Fi connection with internet access. Please note that the Ting Sensor app is not compatible with desktops or laptop computers.

The Ting Sensor app must be installed on a smartphone (or compatible smart device) and active throughout your Ting Service period to keep you informed of important electrical events and electrical fire hazards in your home.

Ting is a connected, smart home system and service. Your Ting sensor requires a Wi-Fi connection to communicate electrical hazards to Ting’s secure servers. A constant Wi-Fi connection is also required to keep the sensor software secure and up to date.

Ting should be installed within 10 days of the receipt. 

No. The Ting Sensor app is required for installation, and it keeps you in the know after you've activated your Ting service. Most importantly, if a fire hazard is identified, the service includes access to the Ting Fire Safety team who will guide you through every step of hazard resolution. The Ting service also includes a $1,000 Ting Credit to support fire hazard remediation.

Ting monitors your electrical system and what's plugged into it. It is monitoring for the main precursors to electrical fires — micro-arcs, sparks that develop in faulty wires, loose connections, and faulty appliances or devices. These signals usually develop over weeks and months, so Ting is designed to provide you with advanced warnings to address these hazards before they might develop into an electrical fire.

Ting does not contain any other technology such as microphones, cameras, or motion detectors.

Over the past several years, with over half a million homes protected and billions of monitoring hours, Ting’s false alarm rate is effectively 0%.

While no electrical hazards on the first day is a good thing, they can develop from things like home age, use, wear, deterioration, vibration, DIY projects, water leaks, and more. By keeping Ting installed, your electrical network is consistently monitoring for any hazards that may appear over time.

Additionally, once a hazard develops, the signals it generates are random and unpredictable. Many hazards develop slowly over time and surface sporadically based on power consumption, the addition of appliances or devices in your home, and other factors. In many cases there are no signals that would be seen by the homeowner prior to a fire developing.

Security and Privacy

The Ting Sensor app only uses your smartphone location during installation to validate the address for your Ting Service. After that, your phone’s location is not required for Ting to operate. The precise location where Ting is installed is very important because local weather and utility grid information are used to identify certain fire hazards.

Electrical events detected by your Ting sensor are shared with Westfield. If a fire hazard is identified, a summary of the hazard is shared with us.

Ting only shares data required to deliver the Ting service. Otherwise, none of your personal information or sensor data is shared with third parties. Here are three instances where your data may be shared:

  • When approved by you, Ting shares your name and address with the repair contractor to facilitate scheduling the on-site repair.
  • When a fire hazard is identified to likely be originating from your Electric Utility, the Ting Fire Safety Team may share a summary of Ting sensor data with your Utility to support their effort to fix the hazard.
  • In severe cases, or in wildfire-prone areas, Ting may also share anonymized Ting data across a region with first responders to support mitigation and response efforts.

Please see the Ting privacy policy for more details.

Ting is held to the highest security standards. The Ting sensor, Ting Sensor app, and Ting servers undergo regular, rigorous vulnerability and penetration tests by an independent, accredited third party security firm. Visit Ting’s Security & Privacy FAQ section to learn more how Whisker Labs secures Ting and protects your privacy.

No, your written or verbal consent and approval must be given before an authorized contractor will be scheduled.