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We know it’s a top priority to keep your employees safe and productive. Our Risk Control Representatives have insight and plenty of resources to support you in these efforts. We also know that accidents can happen, which is why we work closely with our claims team to help injured employees return to work.

Safe Workplace

When promoting a safe work environment, it’s important to consider:

One of the most common causes of workplace injury is when an employee slips, trips or falls. It’s important to establish good housekeeping habits so that walking surfaces remain free from hazards. In addition, our team can use slip meters to evaluate walking surfaces that may be more prone to slips or falls.

Your employees will likely face a variety of exposures that put them at risk for injury including machinery, chemicals, excessive noise, improper work stations, and more. Assessing these exposures and determining if the appropriate safety controls are in place is critical to help you prevent accidents. Our team is trained to help you perform these assessments in many areas, including ergonomic evaluations, chemical exposures, safety reviews for machinery, and more. 

Providing your employees with quality training about the exposures they may encounter in the workplace is a major component of safety. Our Risk Control team can review your current training program or help you to establish a program that fits the needs for your people. 

Hiring the right employee is the first step in creating a safe workplace.  There are many pre-employment tools designed to ensure that you’re onboarding the proper person for your team including background checks, driving record, drug testing, and others. Our Risk Control team is highly experienced and prepared to help you establish a new hire selection process. 

At Westfield, we recognize that getting an injured employee back to work is important for team morale. We also understand that light duty jobs may not be available at your facility.  That’s why we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations to identify light duty jobs that can help recovering employees get back to work quickly. Members of the Risk Control team are available to discuss the possibilities and help you identify whether our WesWorks program is a good fit.  

Vehicle and Driver Management 

Crowded roads, distracted drivers, rising medical and repair costs. Now more than ever, car accidents can create a significant disruption to your business. The best way to control your expense is through an effective vehicle risk-management program. 

At Westfield, we understand that not all companies are the same—a policy for an electrical contractor may not work for a wholesale distributor. We have the safety resources to help you determine a proper vehicle management program to fit your needs, including best practices like:

Regardless of how many drivers you employ, it’s important to make sure each has a current driver’s license, medical card (for CDL drivers) and other relevant information stored in a single location.

Often referred to as Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) or Abstracts, these records generally contain three years of information on moving violations. We suggest that you consider establishing written criteria for hiring and managing your company’s drivers, including those who use their own vehicles to conduct business. 

Distracted driving includes any activity that diverts attention from driving. These days, the most common source of distraction for drivers is cell phone use, including calling and texting. Others can be as simple as taking your eyes off the road, eating and drinking or allowing your mind to wander. Make sure the members of your fleet know what’s expected of them.

You may have employees who drive their own vehicles for your business, which is often referred to as “non-owned auto” exposure. You could become liable for accidents that exceed their own insurance limits. Consider asking these drivers annually for proof of insurance with minimal liability limits of $300,000. 

The sooner you report an accident to your insurance company, the sooner your claim representative can get started on your claim. 

Protecting People

As the owner or operator of a business, you hold yourself to a high standard. When you purchase general liability insurance, you’re covered in the following situations: if someone is injured on your property; if someone is injured by a product you make or sell; and if someone’s personal property is damaged by the actions of your workers. 

To protect your interests, our Risk Control Representatives will help you establish a series of best practices, including:

Many work related injuries occur when people slip or fall on your company property. To help prevent or mitigate these types of accidents, consider installing proper interior or exterior lighting and slip-resistant floors. Our Risk Control Representatives have a laundry-list of precautions for your facilities. 

Maintaining emergency lighting and safe exits from your property is expected. In the event of an emergency, such as fire, explosion or other crisis, it’s critical to provide a clear exit path for people to avoid confusion. Our Risk Control Representatives can help you evaluate life safety exposures and safeguards.

When people purchase a product, they have fundamental expectations that it will be safe to use. Should something happen—either through a flawed design, manufacturing error, quality assurance or packaging—you can be held responsible. This is an area where our Risk Control team can help you evaluate your current practices and suggest ways for improvement. 

A typical job site is dynamic, with exposures as seemingly unpredictable as the weather. It’s important for your crew to recognize vulnerabilities and take a proactive approach toward reducing accidents. Whether making deliveries or pouring concrete, it’s a good idea to post warning signs near all work zones. For more suggestions, reach out to our Risk Control Representatives.

You don’t want to be responsible for the mistakes of another company—snow plow, landscaper, subcontractor, etc. Based on language in contracts, signed agreements or ineffective coverage held by another company, you may find yourself on the hook for their errors. To minimize this impact on your business, we suggest you have a qualified lawyer review all contracts and obtain certificates of insurance that provide limits to any potential exposure presented by the other company. 


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