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worker safety

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When promoting a safe work environment, it's important to consider:

One of the most common causes of workplace injury is when an employee slips, trips or falls. It’s important to establish good housekeeping habits so that walking surfaces remain free from hazards. In addition, our team can use slip meters to evaluate walking surfaces that may be more prone to slips or falls.
Your employees will likely face a variety of exposures that put them at risk for injury including machinery, chemicals, excessive noise, improper work stations, and more. Assessing these exposures and determining if the appropriate safety controls are in place is critical to help you prevent accidents. Our team is trained to help you perform these assessments in many areas, including ergonomic evaluations, chemical exposures, safety reviews for machinery, and more. 
Providing your employees with quality training about the exposures they may encounter in the workplace is a major component of safety. Our Risk Control team can review your current training program or help you to establish a program that fits the needs for your people.
Hiring the right employee is the first step in creating a safe workplace.  There are many pre-employment tools designed to ensure that you’re onboarding the proper person for your team including background checks, driving record, drug testing, and others. Our Risk Control team is highly experienced and prepared to help you establish a new hire selection process.
At Westfield, we recognize that getting an injured employee back to work is important for team morale. We also understand that light duty jobs may not be available at your facility.  That’s why we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations to identify light duty jobs that can help recovering employees get back to work quickly. Members of the Risk Control team are available to discuss the possibilities and help you identify whether our WesWorks program is a good fit.


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