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Public Safety

As the owner or operator of a business, you hold yourself to a high standard. When you purchase general liability insurance, you’re covered in the following situations: if someone is injured on your property; if someone is injured by a product you make or sell; and if someone’s personal property is damaged by the actions of your workers.

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To protect your interests, our Risk Control Representatives will help you establish a series of best practices, including:
Many work related injuries occur when people slip or fall on your company property. To help prevent or mitigate these types of accidents, consider installing proper interior or exterior lighting and slip-resistant floors. Our Risk Control Representatives have a laundry-list of precautions for your facilities.
Maintaining emergency lighting and safe exits from your property is expected. In the event of an emergency, such as fire, explosion or other crisis, it’s critical to provide a clear exit path for people to avoid confusion. Our Risk Control Representatives can help you evaluate life safety exposures and safeguards.
When people purchase a product, they have fundamental expectations that it will be safe to use. Should something happen—either through a flawed design, manufacturing error, quality assurance or packaging—you can be held responsible. This is an area where our Risk Control team can help you evaluate your current practices and suggest ways for improvement.
A typical job site is dynamic, with exposures as seemingly unpredictable as the weather. It’s important for your crew to recognize vulnerabilities and take a proactive approach toward reducing accidents. Whether making deliveries or pouring concrete, it’s a good idea to post warning signs near all work zones. For more suggestions, reach out to our Risk Control Representatives.
You don’t want to be responsible for the mistakes of another company—snow plow, landscaper, subcontractor, etc. Based on language in contracts, signed agreements or ineffective coverage held by another company, you may find yourself on the hook for their errors. To minimize this impact on your business, we suggest you have a qualified lawyer review all contracts and obtain certificates of insurance that provide limits to any potential exposure presented by the other company.


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