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Slips, Trips and Falls

Weather changes make a difference to you; because rain, sleet, ice and snowing introduce opportunities for slips, trips and falls. Whether inside or out, here are some common reasons for accidents that could cost your business:

  • Inappropriate shoes for the job
  • Unmaintained walking and working surfaces
  • Surfaces covered with water, oil, snow, ice or debris
  • Rugs or floor coverings that are not slip-resistant
  • Unmarked or poorly indicated transitions between levels and surfaces – for example, not level, drop, raised lip – due to poor design, lighting, poor contrast of flooring or distraction

Help prevent slips, trips and falls by trying these ideas:

  • Use water-absorbing door mats at entry ways and in wet areas
  • Use suction to remove water after cleaning – for example, portable cleaning systems that  use your standard cleaning solutions.
  • Apply a clear epoxy coating to worn floors with a slip resistant additive (usually glass beads) to increase friction. 


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