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fleet management

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Your business depends on moving goods from your facility to the customer and making sure those goods arrive safe and sound. That means you depend on a well-maintained fleet and safe drivers. Did you know that 94 percent of commercial auto collisions are because of driver error and at-risk behavior? And collisions are costly to your business.

Imagine reducing collision-related expenses by enhancing the way you manage your fleet –large or small. And it’s all about employing driver eligibility best practices and technology.

  • Driver eligibility criteria helps make sure your fleet drivers are qualified and capable of driving in a safe and responsible manner. And that matters because your business is always on the move, which means your reputation is, too.
  • Technology is changing the commercial auto industry because it uses data to offer driver safety solutions. And when you combine the power of technology with the value of data analytics you have telematics. Telematics is real-time information that you can use to create a reputable, safe and accountable driver management environment that equips your fleet drivers with essential safety information.Westfield partners with eDriving –one of the many telematics options available –to offer you options for safety assessment and personalized training options for each of your fleet drivers.