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Workers Compensation Insurance

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One of the great things about being a business owner is that you get to provide jobs for other people. You’re a driver of the economy — part of the backbone of America. 

But being an employer is also a heavy responsibility. It isn’t just your workers’ livelihoods in your hands. It’s their health and safety while they’re working for you.

That’s why it’s critical for you as a business owner to have a package of workers’ compensation insurance, backed by a company that understands the risks you and your employees face every day.

Westfield’s history with employers goes back 170 years. The company was founded in the mid-1800s and has grown with both farmers and industry. We’ve seen the rise of the Industrial Revolution and the creation of the modern workers compensation system.

For decades upon decades, we’ve worked with employers to reduce their risks because we know that you want to keep your employees safe and that the costs of injuries can take a serious toll on a business in the form of medical costs and lost productivity. 

Why Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Basic business liability insurance doesn’t cover employee injuries, so business owners can be left exposed if that’s the only coverage they have and a worker gets hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance offers an extra layer of financial protection for the business and the employee — and is required by law in most states.

Benefits available under workers’ compensation insurance usually include:

  • Income benefits — Employees are paid part of their usual salary when they can’t work.
  • Medical benefits — Medical bills for necessary treatment get paid.
  • Funeral costs and death benefits — When an employee suffers a fatal injury, the cost of burial or cremation is covered and the surviving spouse and dependents can get compensated.

Westfield Workers’ Compensation Programs

We have several tried and true programs to get workers back on their feet — and back to work – as quickly as possible after an injury because we know that workplace injuries are just as hard on working families as they are on businesses.

Our goal is to get everyone — employer and employee — back to normal after a work-related injury.

Learn more about the details of Westfield’s unique programs, like:

Or talk to an independent Westfield agent about the many ways we’ll support you and your employees through the process of recovering from an injury.

Discover More Coverage Options

Westfield takes pride in the workers’ compensation programs it has built over the years, but it also offers many other products and services to protect your business. Talk to a Westfield agent about how one or more of these might fit your needs:

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