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workers compensation claims checklist

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As an employer, you may view your employees like members of your own family. When someone gets hurt at work, you probably worry about their injury and subsequent recovery. You’re probably also worried about how a workers’ compensation claim might affect your business. 

As a trusted resource for business owners, we understand the concerns swirling in your head when it comes to a workers’ compensation claim. We want to relieve your concerns as much as we can, so we put together a list of questions you should ask to help minimize the costs to your business. 

First, one important detail — IN CASE OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, PLEASE NOTIFY WESTFIELD IMMEDIATELY at 800.243.0210 (option 3).

Questions to Ask About Workers’ Comp Claims:

  • Has a thorough investigation of the accident been completed and documented?
  • Has the First Report of Injury been completed and sent to Westfield within 24 hours following notice of the injury?
  • Has all necessary investigative information been sent to Westfield?
  • Has the employee’s payroll information been sent to Westfield?
  • Has a hospital or physician been contacted to determine the employee’s medical status and ability to return to work?
  • Has contact been made with the employee?
  • If the employee has returned to work after the first report has been reported, has Westfield been notified and given the date of return?
  • Has all legal and state correspondence been sent to Westfield within 24 hours of receipt?
  • Have all medical bills and reports received been forwarded to Westfield?
  • If the employee was injured by an object or broken part of a machine, has the object or broken part been preserved for inspection?
  • Have you discussed any questions regarding the injury with Westfield?
  • Have you given the injured employee Westfield’s phone number to explain benefits and answer questions?

If you can answer all of these questions completely, then your claim should proceed with a minimum of stress to you and your employee.


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