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SureStep® BOP 


It's more than a basic business owner policy.

SureStep is our vision of what a business owner policy (BOP) should be because it’s a strategic, efficient option for many types of small businesses.

It’s our most flexible option.

Why? Because it grows with the customer. And that means from starter to established, a business owner can keep the same policy while adding coverages in increments that meet their business needs for that time.

It’s our most inclusive option

SureStep fits many businesses and we’ve made sure that’s true. Here’s how you know a customer is SureStep eligible within the Small Business eligibility framework:

  • Sales for each location ≤  $10,000,000
  • Total Insured to Value (TIV) for each building ≤ $10,000,000

Plus, we’ve included more accepted class codes than our traditional BOP product. And we’re using simpler industry eligibility criteria such as:


  • Payroll ≤ $750,000
  • Subcontracted work ≤ 25%
  • 3+ years of industry experience


  • Shopping centers
    Retail stores
    3+ years of industry experience


  • Total locations ≤ 25
  • Buildings ≤ 5 stories
  • 3+ years of industry experience


  • Total locations ≤ 25
  • 3+ years of industry experience
It’s our most streamlined option.  

We’ve made entering customer data so easy with our new Platform and we’ve automated decision-making based on information you provide. And that means quoting is even easier.

SureStep is more than a competitive product. It’s a strategic growth solution that helps customers grow with confidence.

Go on.

Give us a look, a try and some opportunities.

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