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Contractor's Professional and Pollution Legal Liability


Hey Future!

We’re all about getting it right

And we think we have. With our new Contractor's Professional and Pollution Legal Liability coverage, we’re pretty sure that inclusive doesn’t even go far enough.


When building contractors and specialty trade construction contractors go to work, they need tools to help them design, build, create, fix and tweak. And sometimes…a little extra confidence. They are risk takers. Dreamers. And hard workers. So, we’re:

  • Embedding our contractor's professional and pollution legal liability product into existing forms with coverages designed just for contractors and artisan contractors.
  • Offering more. More limit options. More eligible classes. More coverage.
  • Making it easy. Just one click on the Platform with no additional underwriting questions.


What exactly is more?
  • Available for over 80 contractor codes.
  • Available for over 40 SureStep® eligible contractor codes


So, what are you waiting for? Let the shopping begin!


Uh, huh. You’re smiling. All because, we nailed this one. And now you have even more, too.

More options to offer.
More coverage to talk about.
More customers to introduce to Westfield.
And now we’re smiling too! Go on, talk with your underwriter about the details.