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We’ve set up a conversion process that helps us stay on track while keeping you informed. During the process, we’ve outlined a timeline for contacting you with questions. If something comes up with a policy and we need your help, we’ll contact you up to 120 days (135 days for KY) before the policy effective date. Otherwise, we’ll convert the policy and send along the renewal packet when it’s time. Just in case we run into hiccups, let’s work together and discuss renewal options for policies that we’re unable to convert.


All States Except Kentucky

Conversion timing calendar icons

Kentucky Only

Conversion timing calendar icons_KY


Conversion effort in process:

State As of Business policies with renewal effective beginning
IL 11/16/20 3/16/21
IN 12/1/20 3/22/21
OH 1/4/21 4/25/21
PA 4/2/21 7/21/21
TN 5/3/21 8/22/21
GA 5/3/21 9/6/21
AL, CO, IA, MI, NC, NM, SC WV 11/1/21 3/31/22
AR, DE, KY, MD, NE, NV, VA, WI 12/1/21 4/30/22


Conversion effort begins:

State As of Business policies with renewal effective beginning
AZ 12/20/21 5/19/22
MS 1/9/22
MO, TX 2/1/22  


Conversion Contacts

Be sure to contact your renewal underwriter with any questions about your converting policies.