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*NEW INFORMATION* Policy Conversion Review:

We’ll conduct a thorough account-level review of each policy to determine whether the policy is eligible to convert. And during our review process, we may have a few questions.

Generally, our requests for information apply to larger premium small business policies for things like: a signed UM/UIM Selection Form, business income worksheet, or equipment schedules.

The email or letter you receive requesting additional information may reference “New Business.” While Westfield recognizes that converting policy is a converted renewal policy, our new policy administration platform considers the policy as new business because it’s the first policy term on the platform. Regardless of the new business reference, we still need the additional information.

Please send a response to our request for additional information to keep the converting policy moving.

Policy Review Details:

During the policy review, we’ll compare coverage and offer apples-to-apples or enhanced coverage with a stable price whenever possible. But since every policy is unique:

  • Pricing for some policies may fluctuate.
  • Coverage for some policies may be reduced – and if they are, we’ll be sure to let you (and the customer) know.

When the policy converts:

  • We’ll revise the policy number – same number excluding the prefix (e.g. customer policy TRA351233 becomes 351233).
  • The insuring company will be different – according to the operating companies below.
  • Eligible BOP policies will convert to either a package or SureStep – Westfield’s BOP product. For more information about SureStep, visit our the SureStep product page>>

Customer Communication

We’ll notify customers about their new, converted policy before renewal. Once we successfully convert the policy, our system will generate a renewal policy and an explanation of any pricing or coverage changes. We’ll send along this renewal packet via the United States Postal Service. 

Policy and bill access

It’s true. Now that we’re sending information directly to the customer, getting policy information means using our technology. And the options are handy.

Through Agent’s Web Passport, you have access to:

WIC-on-the-Web to access both new and old billing accounts. Just know that you’ll need to look at each account separately since the policy number is different.

Policy Search to access customer policies. All you need is the customer name or policy number. For detailed instructions, use the SB Platform Reference Guide

Through your Agency Management System, enable Commercial download. Get more information about download on AWP

And to make sure you get all the new business and converted policy information with your download, be sure to include the new company details:

  • Old Guard Insurance Company, NAIC # 17558
  • Westfield Champion Insurance Company, NAIC # 16447
  • Westfield Premier Insurance Company, NAIC # 16450
  • Westfield Superior Insurance Company, NAIC # 16449
  • Westfield Touchstone Insurance Company, NAIC # 16448

Conversion Contacts

Be sure to contact your renewal underwriter with any questions about your converting policies.