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ERISA Coverage

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We know that among the policies eligible to convert, there are a few that include ERISA coverage. The underwriting companies licensed to write business via The Platform, are not licensed to write ERISA coverage, therefore converted policies will no longer include this coverage

We'll automatically issue an ERISA fidelity bond via WesCom Surety.


  • It's a one-year bond.
  • No action required from you.
  • We'll take care of everything -from issuing the bond to sending a separate bill directly to the customer. Their bill will include premium for the duration of the bond.


Speaking of Surety. Do you know about Westfield Surety?


There's no better time to learn. Because when it comes to full service for commercial insurance customers, we've got you. Visit our website @ www.westfieldinsurance.com/surety to learn more about how we can help you round out commercial accounts - and build a pretty solid Westfield relationship.