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Hey Future. Easy does it!


We’re making this conversion as easy as possible for customers and giving you information to talk about.

From a billing perspective, customers will experience the following changes:

  • A new billing account number with their current policy number (without the policy prefix).
  • Multiple bills if all policies on their existing billing account aren’t eligible to be converted.
  • New pay plans, for example:
    Current Converted
    Agency billed right chevronright chevron Direct billed (no more agency billed)
    Custom pay plan right chevronright chevron Monthly pay plan
    Special endorsement billing right chevronright chevron Standard endorsement billing
  • Easy payment options, for example:
    Payment Option Required Customer Action
    Paymentus – recurring payments right chevronright chevron None. Westfield links new billing accounts with old billing accounts.
    Paymentus – one time payment right chevronright chevron Specify appropriate billing account with each payment.
    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) right chevronright chevron None. Westfield carries EFT information forward.
    Financial institution options right chevronright chevron Update billing account information with their financial institution.

Conversion Contacts

Be sure to contact your renewal underwriter with any questions about your converting policies.