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Welcome to getting clarity!


Converting eligible business should be a breeze…for you and the customer.


Conversion involves transferring eligible Westfield small business policies from our legacy policy system into the new Westfield Small Business Platform.

The basics

We’ll convert each policy to The Platform on its current policy renewal date. If we are unable to convert a policy, we’ll renew the policy as usual in the legacy system and convert the policy during the next renewal cycle.

Reasons we’re not able to convert a policy:
  • The policy is ineligible for new products.
  • The policy does not match our appetite or available coverages.
  • There is not enough information to complete the conversion.


A key factor in conversion is making sure that policies that match our small business definition and meet the criteria for our small business products – and that includes some middle market customers.

As a reminder, here’s the small business eligibility criteria:

Primary Eligibility Criteria What's not eligible
Package or SureStep BOP Policy Premium ≤ $75,000 Auto Dealership
Workers' Compensation Policy Premium ≤ $75,000 Trucking
Total Account Premium ≤ $150,000


Secondary Eligibility Criteria
Total Insured Value (per location) ≤ $15,000,000
Subcontracted Cost of Hire ≤ $15,000,000 ≤ 25 Vehicles

Conversion Contacts

Be sure to contact your renewal underwriter with any questions about your converting policies.