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Hello, transparency!

We'll help you see clearly.

We’ve designed an online resource that clearly states the types of businesses we prefer...and that we’re good at. So now, you can get accurate answers to your appetite questions quickly and serve your customers efficiently.

A straight-forward appetite

Now more interactive to provide quicker answers and clearer insight. We’re,

  • Clear about preferred industries and business classes.
  • Open about how we define classes within each industry.
  • Transparent about the likelihood of business going straight-through the system or being referred.
And strategic focus

Here’s where we shine:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Mercantile
  • Services
  • Wholesale
  • Offices (& Healthcare)
  • Hospitality
    • Restaurant
    • Recreational
  • Manufacturing

But we’re open-minded. So, if your customer fits another industry, just ask about options available. We’re offering big solutions with Westfield Small Business.

What’s eligible for small business?

Primary Criteria

≤ $75,000 Package or SureStep Bop Policy Premium 

≤ $75,000 Workers' Compensation Policy Premium 

≤ $150,000 Total Account Premium

Additional Criteria

≤ $15,000,000 Total Insured Value (per location)

≤ $15,000,000 Subcontracted Cost of Hire

≤ 25 Vehicles

Take Action

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